On which freelance stock exchange are the best copywriters and editors?

Asked bycavin

Who used the services of copywriters, please tell me which mercenary exchange you have pleasant memories. It would be ideal to find a person keen on the development of an information resource about IT, and regularly pay him a small coin for creating topical interesting materials.

Using my standard practice of estimating popularity with the help of search engines in this case turned out to be impossible due to some crazy amount of SEO spam for keywords on the topic.

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iva cikojevic
Not a matter of exchanges.

In my opinion, you should formalize the concept of a “good copywriter” and requirements for it.

For example, a good copywriter:
 - experience in copywriting N years
 - At least X publications on IT topics
 - The average content uniqueness is at least Y% according to such a system

The tasks will include:
 - Publish at least n materials per week
 - The volume of one article is approximately y thousand characters.
 - Sources of articles - foreign publications, rewriting, own content

Terms of payment such and such.
Possible career growth to the editor of the portal or something like that.

Then having placed this offer on any popular stock exchange you will receive about two dozen offers. And it will be necessary to filter them, to communicate with each author separately, if you want to find a good person on a long-term basis. I recommend to communicate by voice via Skype, for example, a person’s capabilities are felt better, by speaking you can understand how he thinks, whether he is lying, etc.

If you go back to the exchanges, I recommend free-lance.ru, because you need a person, not a specialized exchange like Advego, where objects are texts, not people. IMHO
ann t
The best I've seen (and what I actively use) on copyright is project advego.ru
Yes, I join. But there, as elsewhere, there is also a complete slag - care is needed absolutely everywhere. - sage3511
There is no such. so that on some stock exchange there were current good freelancers, and on the other bad ones! They are equally divided.

I rarely buy through exchanges, more often I find people there and work directly. I do so6 I go to the freelance website, set the parameters for what articles I need and select people in the resulting list, watch their profile and already personally communicate ...
kelly marie s
And I also found good copywriters in earnest. I work with many.
richard court
free-lance.ru. Focus on reviews and portfolios.
Orientation is better for work, not for exchanges. ;)
milaka falk
Try textbroker.ru This is not a freelance exchange, but a copywriting exchange. Depending on what price you are willing to pay, you can pick a good candidate. The choice of copywriter, unfortunately, is available after registration, but it looks like this

pete tulba
I wouldn’t look for a copywriter on freelance exchanges at all - solely on recommendation or on geeg /
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