Screen and history?

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In my ubuntu, I constantly use the Terminal multiplexer Screen. He copes with his functions excellently, but he has one puncture - this is the history of commands. An incomprehensible hell is happening to her, so what, but I cannot find my commands there. Can someone tell me how to make the command history work as it should?

I join. + rewind screen does not work - heba mohamed
Specify, is the incomprehensible devil going on or what the hell is that? ;) - terika brown
denver: The competent authorities said that what the hell is happening, and added a bow to the side. - sylvana
WarGoth: Well, with scrolling and Ctrl + Esc and j, k you can get used quickly. But the story is more complicated. - rachel or
And you complete the “windows” in a good way, i.e. Ctrl + D (either exit or logout)? - angie creel
@yuretsz did not understand. Tried to execute the described both in konsole, and in tty, and nothing left - tuhina


bill millard
I think one bash you reloads the history of others:

1. Add, not overwrite
shopt -s histappend

2. Store multiline commands in one line (optional):
shopt -s cmdhist

3. After each command, reset the history and read the general history (this is if you want commands from one bash to start appearing in the other).
export PROMPT_COMMAND = 'history -a; history -n '

4. Cosmetics: do not memorize command repetitions, do not save specified commands
export HISTCONTROL = "ignoredups"
export HISTIGNORE = "ls: l: ll: [bf] g: exit"
Thanks, I will try - I will unsubscribe. - linda rhodes
garrett calcaterra
& gt; & gt; @yuretsz did not understand. I tried to execute the above in both konsole and tty, and WarGoth failed, today at 11:51 pm
But you always use the screen? Try, for example, to search cat .bash_history | grep aptitude and compare with the memory that you installed.
I meant “Ctrl + Esc and j, k you can get used quickly” - sandarbh
Oh, then I set foot. Of course, Ctrl + A Esc - mei mei ellerman
wow, works. + work pageUp, pageDown and arrows - joe brown
kim hawkins
It’s best to switch to zsh and include:

setopt share_history # share history between multiple instances

then the story will be shared between different windows.
& gt; & gt; damnerd: And you finish the “windows” in a good way, i.e. Ctrl + D (either exit or logout)?
As it will have, if 1-3 sessions are exit, and if more then Ctrl + D many times, but sometimes, of course, it happens that just reboot. It does not seem to affect the result (don't understand how).
If the reboot, then nothing will be saved. If you close in a good way (exit = Ctrl + D), then it should be saved.

Screen is nothing to do with it. History is written by bash, but only if it is completed correctly. - mark brown
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