Application examples of NoSQL technologies

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Most of you have heard of new non-relational data storage technologies like MongoDB, CouchDB, and others. I tried demos of these technologies. Basically, I understood the MongoDB javascript-like syntax. Can anyone give specific situations in which the use of such a database is justified? The answer can be given as a link to the article.


I liked the third article. - kaysie
SQL provides built-in validation of the data structure at the expense of normal forms, indexes, etc.
Validation of the data provided by SQL is important for development. If it is not, then you have to write these checks by hand.

NoSQL makes it possible not to tinker with the mapping, but immediately save the data entirely with objects to the database.
But that's not all, NoSQL solutions have the means to conveniently scale them.
As well as processing facilities for all of this scale economy. In particular MapReduce.
If you have a lot of data or a lot of queries, and there is some particular case of data, then a NoSQL solution may be useful.
If not, then I quote one of the developers Apache Hadoop. On one speech, he spoke: "If there is not very much data, then do not quit and use plain SQL."

What to use in the final situation - see for yourself. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. And it would be good to know about the disadvantages and turn them into advantages.
I would not talk about the justification / unjustification of this or that technology. At the moment, almost any technology can be used for a wide range of tasks. Many now put on the simplicity and clarity of work. NoSQL is just easier to understand and work.
Well, it's someone like that, thinking in line with SQL, the brain hardly switches to other concepts. I myself if that :-) - mitchell
laurie armstrong
I use both. I take the best from both solutions. nosql - speed and scalability, sql - complex queries and data conversion at the sampling stage
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