How to stop reading Habr?

Asked bykates

Recently, very often I sit on a habre, constantly updating pages and watching karma and rating :( Even at night, when I go to the toilet, turn on the computer and climb on Habra. What to do?

and why? - mary horne
Perhaps you meant "How to stop drawing karma?" - jerolyn


ashley lewis
Add to / etc / hosts line
to the rest: - mikosun
Khm-khm, an account on Lepre will ask you for an unused one. =) - jessica payne
You opened for me, thanks! :) - vaishali
Yeah, raise the web server, put the database and start writing your Habr! )))
/ me rubs pens, let's start - alnora1227
redtube garbage, :)))) - brian gallagher - melinda christensen - sam shipley
gentlemen, continue! - sargam - dweintrop - david martinez - brad casey - sarah husein
How to place this comment in the "favorites"? :) - raha
rub clear who where is sitting ... =) photo stock =) - mark law - in my opinion the best%) - bookmaniac70
2MaXyC, not a bad site
2Lionheart, I also like it
But here's a good site: - nate zell - livia quinn
Thank you all - mary raines
then bring up a web server, deploy LiveStreet and organize the posting of topics / comments (let through the ass and the crooked, not the essence) - amber beasley
@Delsian Put in your assholes and crookedly, not the essence) 9878482594123 @Delsian Put in a page and commented, crookedly, not the essence) 9878482594123 @Delsian via this link:;)
Well, there is still a bit there (there used to be more), with the words “special interest”: link - sarah pruitt
ahmed el sawy
Create a girl
A better two! - ari choquette
and introduce them. - albert hakimi
... on the third one - mikkins
and introduce everyone to his wife ... - hats
And if the girl herself reads Habr? - jen cross
Rumor, run away. - jenny bannock
Hmm, well, let's say I read myself))
Is that bad?
Or I also need to have a girlfriend; x)) - jalena
pam ryan
What is there to read something? One topic from 50 is interesting. The rest of the copy-paste of news and all sorts of nonsense about “MTS / Magafon / Beeline cheated me”, dozens of boring and not interesting press releases, and something a lot lately of dull humor.
And what did you do to remedy the situation? - oyet
Although I probably hurried with his comment. I apologize. - amy dreibelbis
& gt; What is there to read something?
Well, for some reason now I sit and read your comment instead of preparing for tomorrow's exam. - lee watford
Haha, likewise. Good luck tomorrow at math - ulooknicetoday
connor freer
start drinking :))
rather stop :) - mj craig
UFO will not give you the answer to this question. Habr does not want you to stop reading it. And the UFO is against too.
Read, suffer. - greg hellings
dave hacker
If you are not married, marry.
And if married, get a divorce. - mycah
And if he is married and does not help, having children - ruby
does not help) I had a son two weeks ago. ) Yes, I sit less now, once, but still almost every day. - catalina
We had a corporate event this summer at work. After him, of course, there were discussions whether he was cooler than the previous ones. One guy said that he was much worse than he was that winter. And that fall. And that summer ... He actively justified it, until someone said: “Dude, you just got married ...” After a minute of thought, he sadly said: “Bl *, to the point .......” - joannie johnston
I confirm with bondiq- a: does not help. - mohamed omar
does not help exactly - is married, four children ... - sarah kathleen
is married. did not help. - michelle dornfeld
wife, child ... does not help - melissa b
to stop reading Habr is impossible
Well you are so unprepared person you are shocking. hints need - maria andreu
anita harris
Oh ... Sorry for being frank, but the tag "toilet" turned out to be very relevant in my case, I am reading right now from there. And not that I suffer from habazo dependence, and not that I often use a laptop in this place - this is the first time.
It just happened ...
jason randolph
The most radical options:
1. Get a ban on ip.
2. Get into the army
3. Get in prison.
4. Get lost.
5. Shoot yourself in the end ...
what are you kind of) straight people;) - dina
victoria rodr guez
Tell me, what is needed so that I can ask a question in Q & A?
LOL. Did not notice the button. - shreeja keyal kanoria
Less drink at night? :-)
and more in the morning. - shawana loveliladi
chris messina
As an option, start sitting on Vkontakte)
chur me - pandamans
lost clown
It reminded me of a simple truth. It is easy to put a plus sign, and someone will sleep better and become a little happier. And thanks for talking and smiling more often. :-)
Plus sign is easy to put? XD
Yes, here 2/3 of karma jerking off at night and put down cons. If the conditions of poking at + and - would be the same in value ... you know. - amanda nissen
I would have miscalculated mya if the karma allowed =)) xD - amy wall
rose from +1.0 to -15 =) a day - rose linke
was addressed to ElysiumDoyle =)) - tim laukka
elaine atkins
In general, there is one answer - to do something more useful for yourself. For example, sports.
does not help) tired and dead come from a workout and after a shower and dinner sozhush see what's there on the habr) - cb stewart
So sport is no more useful for you habr. :) - vanessa conde
shaz carmichael
Find a girlfriend a sadistic nymphomaniac. To work by the method of carrot and stick.
We are waiting for the question "How to get rid of a girlfriend nymphomaniac sadist" - lisa meade
maggie mauk
Change jobs - so that free time would be less. + marry.
joe bauer
Scored (and at the same time, and other such sites that are constantly read) in Google Reader. Now I read not everything that appears on the pages, but only very selectively by the headings. Time to this occupation immediately began to devote many times less. I go to the sites themselves very rarely.
thanks, really good advice :) - cricket
support. I do it myself. plus does not allow to miss anything - karra
1) block the site
2) reset karma
3) try to limit to 20 minutes
Personally, I tried the first point ... It lasted a week ... - subashini
and I tried the second, though a bit in captivity - singlewhammy
Damn, just read the question like: "How to re-read the whole habr?" I think if you re-read all that desire to read it will disappear.
lori crawford
And why? =) I like it.
rachel f
Computer version suggested by JIesnik
The life option offered by EvilX
My version - if you like reading so much, read books!
susan gloss
Do karma like me. Very stupid, but it helped me.
And does negative karma interfere with reading? She seems to only hinder writing. - nam nguyen
That's just the point! A person does not look at articles much and reads interesting ones, how much is fixated on his karma. I also had this: write "correct" comments, etc. The right ones are not always smart, but they are perceived by pluses. Constantly update the page and look at the karma \ rating - this is very bad and it is very disturbing.

After that, I wrote a post, knowing in advance about the minuses and updating the karma before this:
Hello. Chip and Dale, save me, please. I have a job, girl, once again work and life, I just need more time. Delete my account from Habra - ElysiumDoyle, since I can not control myself and Habr invaded privacy, somewhere just below the free-lance. A letter was mailed a few hours ago.
Thank you for your understanding, I always adored you and watched your adventures. Hi Gadget, I adored her a little less than Dale and a little more than Chip.

That's it, now I don’t follow my page. Occasionally only. - astrid
and don’t worry, in time it will pass
1. Stop suffering at work and start working
2. Find another job on the remote side

If it does not help p.2 to repeat until the only desire at home after devour will not sleep.

I am writing from a netbook in the toilet ...
masturbate conveniently probably, mm? - azim
- What is it, a little gray hairy?
 - @ ed-s
 - Lieutenant Rzhevsky, how could you think such a thing? It's a mouse!
 - Mouse in @ izde? Orinatally - mark schmidt
hm Apparently this is contagious, I just caught myself thinking that I’m constantly updating the profile to see if I’ve got more negative =))
alejandro caycedo
Today you read Habr, and tomorrow you read Habr. And why deny yourself the pleasure?
sharon parker
I think to buy an Xbox 360 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
cal littlehales
I propose to use Habr for 'DDoS' :)
Throw a link to Slashdot? - kiran sagar
it's like an elbow to bite - rita macdonnell
Something reminds me of that ...

 - Hello, my name is Ilgiz, and I am habroman.
 - Hello Ilgiz [all applaud].
Well, create a blog on the “club of anonymous Habragolics” in Habré :) - jaanaki
kenney broadway
In Soviet Russia HABR READS YOU!
is a familiar situation, but the iPad is easier, the computer does not need to be turned on, I think over time this dependence will disappear, like many other similar hobbies, and you will go as needed

one of the solutions i used against

add to the hosts file at% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ line
- Stop writing comments. Especially witty.
 - Find an interesting, but useful activity - to study an interesting topic on work or, say, to study a language. You can try pofflanss (if this is not the main work, of course;), interesting and useful.
 - Write interesting articles to a special list, bookmarks, or I use the Save-to-read extension for Firefox to read not during the day, but once a day or on weekends.
linda t
Read Habr is more useful than, for example, drinking beer or chopping it online ...
Maybe you should just do it less often, and not completely restrict reading.
It does not seem to interfere with one another, rather, the effect of the habr increases. - valerie f
michael gordon
Karma, probably ...
sorry: (more unusual yet ... - sophia winnipeg
christine gardener
Judging by the first answer options, it’s time to do a survey “Is a habraiser married?”
julianne dunn
Read about this in our next book “How to stop reading Habr and start living” :)
alexandra barker
Come to us. Find a girl, drink ... let's think about life
and where is it? There are no problems with Habr, but with girls, yes. - suzie lutz
And write me down too! - liron
brittni lundie
to ask the creators to personally ban
It really helped to put Habr into the google reader in a daddy with other similar resources, like slashdot, and read only from there, I automatically look at everything, and stop only at the very interesting, because large amount of information. Thus, I reduced the time for reading the Habr by about 70%. On top of that, it's quite funny to watch the lag of news translations. By the way, yes, marry does not help.
katie jo
Successful trolling!
amy judd
Anonymous Habragolics Club.
deborah gray
Press Alt + F4 right now.
Very effective way.
or Ctrl + W so that it is not deplorable - suzie lutz
It is not necessary
kim hansen
It seems to me that it does not bother to read Habr, I read it a little, because here there are little interesting topics for me
jacquoline williams
The first option: To become smarter than everyone who is also sitting here and writing :) then the interest itself will disappear. There will be nothing to read.
The second option: talk to the beginning of nausea.
I will ban at work on iptables, it worked with Vkontakte. Let's look at Habr's account
Just need to lower the karma below zero: the possibility of voting for posts and comments will be lost, and this in turn will affect the number of visits.
does not affect mine =)) - mary v
mustafa ahmad
Found where to ask.
Those who managed to get involved with Habr will not be able to answer this question here.
Only those who do not know how to engage with Habr, i.e. Nobody will help you here.
oh well, you can thickly troll :) and I don’t suffer from dependencies :) - hooker
addict said, yes - andrea woessner
heather smith schrandt
Put parental control in antivirus and generate a password for it.
val zotov
only one thing helped me - I began to make an interesting project, there was almost no free time left. As a result, I set up a habralent and read only it.
wendy wallace
Remove from bookmarks. Contemplation of the bookmark, as it were, constantly reminds: “click me”.
milca esdaille
Start working in the opposite direction and try to write a good article yourself. You find out a lot of interesting things.
steve robinson
Start something good to program, and be sure to achieve the goal!
and people will be fine and you.

And then on Habr you can lay out ;-).

P.S.Well, and then, program again!
From the diary of Habrayuser: “I read, wrote, minus ... Romance ..” :))
Habr should be read very much, at an accelerated pace. Do not eat, do not sleep, do not work, do not communicate with anyone. Only Habr. Do not be distracted in any way. Set yourself a task: check your karma every five seconds. Do not look around, only in the screen, before the cut in the eyes (and after, too). The background can include Beethoven's 9th symphony. Continue to utter exhaustion.

You may need several sessions.
I would recommend Wagner. - trina abraham - jennifer shepherd
Also, as smoking is treated with nicotine patches, try, for example, two times a captcha.
sophie chikhradze
give birth to 5-6 children ...
kris pride
On habre you need a button:
“I admit that I am a habaz-dependent karmodrocher, please ban me forever”
For Habrozavisimy Habradrocherov I think it will not be so difficult to find an invite and register again :) - kristen samuelson
You should start listening to her!
p ivi jokitalo
I made it easier, asked the admin in the office to close access to the habr ...
But damn I had an interest in circumventing this restriction)) in fact, I bypassed it)) That's what brought me Habr!)
Play in world of tanks and you will be happy.
Find the “Banned HabraHabr?” Button and you can only do this once :)
tarek hussein
Set a goal and start to implement it.
Then you’ll not see as much fun as you’ve watched before ...
play WOW
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