Creating .pyc and .pyo files?

Asked bymegan cusumano

Actually the question is: “How can you make a .pyc and .pyo out of it if you have a .py file? (I know that it is possible to import a module, but I would like it somehow differently. As if the key is before starting) "


and how can you directly type the keys from the python for optimization so that you do not write it separately when you start the python? - kadri
as an option, in the file that launches the application with the first line #! / Usr / bin / env python -O - sanjana
well, as an option, in the file that launches the application, in the first line: #! / Usr / bin / env python -O - jan havlis
Thanks for the replies :) - pam ryan
caryn block
A bit out of topic, but still:
but you can prohibit the creation of .pyc, if it is created by default (despite the fact that you do not specify when you start -O)
he asked himself, he answered ...
 #! / usr / bin / env python -B - tanya georgieva
It happens here :) but shared information with useful information. - flint marko
amy clark
What do not like porting through the key? :)

python -c import% package%.% module%
and if there are more than 10 modules? :) - erin parkinson
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