Advise the literature on providing the most convenience and functionality of the web-service

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I am interested in the current and most complete information on creating a high-quality Internet project. Required material disclosing the following questions:

1) what things need to pay special attention when designing a site;
2) how to understand where the golden mean is between ease of understanding and site functionality;
3) what is really high-quality and convenient service (clear and understandable description);
4) how to understand what the user needs for his needs;
5) how to explain to users that this or that function is really useful and necessary for them; 6) how to organize such a concept and development strategy of the site so that users would like to return to the site again and again and similar questions.

Any material format is interesting (books, articles, links to sites, audio and video castes, presentations, etc.).


opunzia espinosa
Start with Getting Real.
nathaniel allen
Flip through Fowler's "Enterprise Software Architecture" may be useful.

In general, you have touched a sooo large area of ​​knowledge that includes not only knowledge of software design and writing, but also any theory about UI and usability, psychology, marketing, public relations, advertising. And for complete clarity of the picture, all this will need to be enhanced with your own experience, obtained, including by trial and error.

IMHO, for some items you will not find normal literature, for “all markers are different in taste and color,” especially No. 3. And if you find something, it will either be a bad translation from English, or the literature is not for the necessary target group.
curtis edmonds
If there were such literature or other materials (not from the series “How to become a millionaire on the Internet in 24 hours”), then it would not have the price or would be accessible to everyone, but around us there would be an ideal Internet.
P.S. Smiled paragraph 5 - consult Microsoft, let them explain how they explained to a huge number of users of their OS that they needed the Start button :), and that in the first versions of Windows it was not there, well, or Microsoft Office (if not a trifle) ).
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