Where to find a translator bilingual RU EN to translate the blog engine's interface.?

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So that both the native language was and did not translate the output as Exit instead of Logout
Maybe you know this, or you know the place where this can be found.


There is an interesting SAAS translation service mygengo.com/translate
service cost 5 cents per word simple translation, 10 cents word - professional translation
if you have some words ~ 250 then the translation will be completed within a couple of hours. Work without days off 24x7
Thank you very much. Need to try. - bombadee
Expensive. Now I figured out 1208 characters = 196 words $ 9.80; on the same etxt.ru (used a couple of times) - starting from 60 rubles (disgusting quality) for 1000 characters - jason purvis
What kind of engine? If something good and open-source, then do so :-)
livestreet.ru/ - staci flinchbaugh
titus welch
On any copywriting and translation exchange. What is the problem?
What are so many of their bilinguals in your opinion? Those that managed to find the girls far from the idea of ​​the blogosphere. - sugato
Usual tech. transfer. Do not mind any difficulties. And not once faced with such difficulties. Just look for a translator "in the subject." - yashoda sampath
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