Advise the gallery on jQuery with the ability to comment on images

Asked byheather kerrigan

I looked through many galleries, like VoxView and Lightbox / PrettyPhoto, for example, but everyone does not have the opportunity to leave comments.

If you come across someone like gallery, tell me the name.


mae dahil
Yes, indeed this is ready not to find.

But the essence is simple, as already mentioned earlier, you can screw the comment service system, usually this is the JS code.

The course of action is as follows (done on FancyBox):
1. When the gallery is initialized, we set the callback function.
2. The function that when disclosing an image will add its code to the image content (#fancybox_content for example), let it be for example VKontake code comments.
To save comments, some server part is needed + photos are uploaded without changing the URL, so most likely you will not find anything suitable. Perhaps it makes sense to order the desired functionality to the programmer and ask him to tie something like to the gallery, I think this can be done, if desired
I myself can do and imagine how it should be. just thought maybe there are ready-made solutions - katie groves
you can fasten comments on facebook, vkontakte, disqus or the above.
Well, I would make jquery address and an ID for commenting would be an url hash))
and of these I prefer disqus
deangela webb
I can advise a good resource There very often there are quite good plug-ins for jQuery, including various galleries. You can search.
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