Alternative QNX

advise any OS for control systems that correspond to this topic Read more

What are the analogues of OpenX?

Advise counterparts of the OpenX banner, but not so twisted. Important! Analogs must be Open Source! Thank! Read more

Positional number systems

In my project (C ++, GUI in C #), it was necessary to work with different number systems (2,6,10,16 and not only). Moreover, perform mathematical operations on them (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). We must work with both natural and real numbers. And ideally, to get the output of the whole and fractional parts in the form of, for example, the line - to show to users. It is necessary to call a function, for example, addition with two arguments: 1 - a natural number in the de... Read more

OS state monitoring systems -?

Does anyone know something about them? Are there any such? Approximate functionality: tracking changes in packages, configuration files; the ability to return to any previous state. Read more

Consequences of installing Chromius on a USB flash drive

In the summer I decided to try Chrome OS, link Transcend 4Gb JF V60. I did everything as it should, with the help of the utility I recorded the image on the USB flash drive, after I rebooted it. But the download failed, the error was somehow. I do not remember what is there. After decided to format the USB flash drive - formatted. And that's all. She's gone. On other computers, it works fine, but it doesn’t see Acer eMachines e625 on my laptop. I am waiting for advice, because the semest... Read more

online service for storing large amounts of information for a short period

Greetings! I want to reinstall the OS on the laptop, but, as always in such a situation, the question arises - where would you merge all the necessary files for a while? About 150 GB of music, video, documents, installers, etc. Interested in whether there is an analog dropbox, only free and allows you to store 150GB of data for a short time (you need a couple of hours maximum). The channel is wide (100/100), so the only question is “where”. Read more

Choosing a cluster file system?

Advise a cluster FS (that is, a FS that can be mounted on different nodes in rw), which could combine the stack with a hundred terabytes. You also need FS to use the native kernel of CentOS / Debian. For this reason, GPFS and Luster are unfortunately not suitable. I look in the direction of the GFS, but I strongly doubt that it can evenly distribute the load evenly across the physical media. As I read, filling the data goes there linearly. Read more

I can not install the OS over the network

The problem is that there is a network but without pxe boot rom (empty connector for mikruhu) ... Is there another way to install over the network without pxe boot rom? Read more

LightTPD (on Cygwin) in the composition of commercial software under Windows?

I want to use the LightTPD assembly link as a frontend for the FastCGI module in a commercial product. Customers install the product along with the entire assembly on their machines by the installer. The assembly uses only LightTPD binaries (which need to be pulled along by Cygwin1.dll and other joy). I don’t touch the server code, only the front end is mine, it is native and Cygwin doesn’t use it. The author of this LightTPD assembly claims that it is licensed for BSD. But, however, Cygwin h... Read more

Smartphones that really install Android?

Please tell me on which devices does Android actually have? Provided that there is something else by default (symbian, windows mobile, etc.) I want to take some cheap smart and install this OS from Google. Read more

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