Tablet computer?

Advise some Chinese, ipad clone, like Gpad G10, only with a 3G modem. Read more

Can I charge my iPhone by charging from iPad? (1A vs. 2.1A)?

Such a feeling that a charged Ipad charging phone sits down much faster. Read more

Is it possible to use Skype on a iPad on an iPad?

The question is: is there a possibility to use Skype video calls via iPad? Thank. Read more

webpage more than 5 megabytes

in Safari for iPad, noticed a feature, if there are more than 5-6 megabytes of pictures on one page, then after exceeding they are no longer loaded, it seems as if the cache is limited to one page, it is noticed on the available version iOS 3.2.2, can anyone know how such a restriction can be circumvented? How is this limitation going to be in iOS 4 version? on the iPhone, I believe the same problem? but in general you need to fit up to 100 megabytes UPD: There was a problem wh... Read more

Does HTML 5 (iPad) support streaming video?

Web standards specialists, can you please tell me if it is possible to start streaming video on iPad? As I understand it, it all comes down to the H.264 format. Does he stream? Read more

What kind of tablet with such a scheme of use?

Actually here's the diagram: Tablet exclusively for the home, the goal - to lie on the bed without getting up to sit at the computer. Actually performed actions: 1. Reading books - first of all, pdf / djvu - there is an e-book, but 6 & quot; - this is 6 & quot; and here it needs something more. 10 & quot; will arrange 2. Browsing / reading mail - the 24/7 router works, distributes wifi-n. Sobsna desktop is turned on only when necessary. And Ineta want it 3. View photos. Therefore, it w... Read more

Will there be a client for iPad?

I use the iPhone client since its (client) appearance. IPads began to appear around. Should I wait for a full-fledged client from habrahabr, llc? Read more

ipad-application for searching for discounts on software

I read about an ipad-application that monitors the itunes store and reports free_periods / discounts for paid applications. Remind please! Read more

Unlimited tariffs for mobile Internet

Took an iPad with 3G support. Today I started looking for suitable rates for mob. the internet At Beeline came across a tariff link. Are there any who have already connected such a tariff? On usability it is adequate to its price in 390 rubles.? The MTS found the tariff link (gee, the name is gorgeous of course ..), but 450mb for 300 rubles. for a month is not enough for me. Megaphone did not find anything normal at all. Maybe I missed something? Be kind, share links and impressions of... Read more

iPad and PDF scans

Hi. Honestly googled, but did not find a clear answer. Do not tell me, happy owners of the iPad, how does it cope with the display of scanned PDF books? For example, A4 format ... Read more

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