Certification of provider iron and software

I am interested in certification of provider equipment and software.  - What should have certificates - what equipment, software, operating system?  - Is it possible to use self-assembly as a current equipment (server, for example)?  - Is billing required to be certified if 1C: Enterprise is used for workflow, and access restriction is done at the script / database / radius level?  - Do I have to have a certified OS, and which OS have certificates in the field of communications? Can I pu... Read more

Internet in the business center

In our business center (Central District of Moscow) Internet tariffs pass all imaginable boundaries. And if we are ready to spend money on mail and telephony, then frankly speaking, it's a pity to spend money on surfing the web. Now we use Yota, which is terribly uncomfortable and slow. How did you get out of these situations? Read more

A cross-browser way to play MIDI on a web page

For one project, I needed to play midi-files on a page. This should work naturally on most browsers (well, I don’t take into account already). But, as far as I understood, either QuickTime plug-in, which is not on every machine, is needed, or Flash, which judging by what Google told me, does not know how to work with midi, or the audio tag, which is far from being implemented in FF for example, midi is also not friendly. In general, I am surprised. The format is old, actively used (in the circ... Read more

Tunneling via HTTP proxy

Available:  - a computer with Linux with access to the Internet through a transparent http proxy;  - a server where you can run an arbitrary program. It is required that the computer has Internet via the server (if the server can be dispensed with, the better) and jabber, ssh and many other things that need specific ports and a permanent connection can be used. What solutions exist for this case? Read more

Jabber-server and client?

Interested in installing a Jabber server and client in a corporate network (300-400 Windows XP users). What you need from the server: Installing on * nix-server Mass adding users (for example, integration with MS Active Directory (does this happen?)) Save correspondence logs on the server What you need from a client: Easy installation (preferably transparent to users) Organization of both multi-user chats and sending personal messages Availability of multicast messages Ability to... Read more

Organization of cables in the cross racks?

Tell me, please, recommendations and standards (if any) on the proper organization of patch cords in switching racks. Now we have about 200 cables in each cross, no one knows cable management, it’s a real hell. Google unfortunately did not suggest anything. Thank you in advance. Read more

Prompt a design studio that paints nice looking, beautiful web-dance designs

Similar to this: Read more

Implementation of data transport over the network in C #

What would you recommend to use from existing or to develop your own technology. Need to create a data transport in the local network and via the Internet? It is advisable to use add-ons over HTTP to painlessly overcome possible barriers. I will also be grateful if you tell me how not to use Base64 in transmission, so as not to increase the traffic consumption. Read more

How to find the most relevant / discussed on the Internet?

How can I find on the Internet the most current at the moment? What is hotly discussed now? Read more

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