JSF 2: How to display an informational message after a redirect?

There is a page with the authorization form, after correctly filling in the login-password pair, go to the main page of the site and display an informational message that the authorization was successful. It should be noted that the transition to the main page occurs by a redirect request (in which way the redirect welcome?faces-redirect=true or <redirect/> occurs does not matter). The message is placed in FacesContext as follows:  FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentI... Read more

User authentication on the application server through authentication in the database

The situation is as follows: There is a product based on an Oracle database. Authentication and authorization of users occurs by usernames / passwords of database users. All the logic of the system lies in the database. On the application server (hereinafter referred to as SP) (GlassFish 3), a JDBC resource is configured to access the database (no login / password is specified). Is it possible to achieve the connection of the joint venture user with the resource user in a declarative wa... Read more

Online Java Seminars

Hello! I would like to know if there are any sites with materials, articles, screen (or sub) castes on Java (or Java EE), like Techdays? Read more

Spring Version Choice

Hello! We gave a few days ago a small task of writing a web application in java. The task states that it is necessary to execute it on the spring version & gt; = 2.5. There is almost no experience of writing web applications. Is that struts struts in past years. Can you tell me from which spring to start the study and on which of them to do the task? P.S. I was looking for literature on the 3rd spring in the internet. It is almost there. Even on the official website tutorial is still u... Read more

JEE user file management?

What is the industry practice of managing files uploaded by users in a web application written on the Java technology stack? In PHP, for example, it is customary to drop user files “under the feet” into application subdirectories. At the same time, the JEE architecture prevents such practices (focusing on the further growth of stored volumes, etc.). But I still do not understand what is being promoted in return? How to properly save and retrieve a userpic without inventing your bike? Read more

Need advice on J2EE

Good afternoon, the community! It’s very inconvenient to ask, but still ... I’m not learning a lot of Java on the server. Since I don’t have a mentor who beat my hands, screaming and scolding for bydlokoding, I ask you to look at my crafts with an experienced eye. Actually, you will find it link. I would like to hear all the moments where I do wrong and wrong. More constructive criticism and links to how to do it right. Interests everything - from the correctness of the namespace to th... Read more

J2EE and high loads

Hello! For the general development I try to penetrate into the subject. The first came across q&a. The most interesting thing is that Java met only once and then about the way. Is Java not really used in high-load systems? Read more

Advise a fundamental web development literature on JAVA

Hello, I’m a web programmer, currently working professionally with PHP, C #, Javascript, HTML, etc. Now I would like to expand my knowledge and learn JAVA. I am very familiar with web development, so it seemed to me that if you start studying JAVA from this, then it will go faster. I tried to find literature that would fit my goals, but it’s a lot and difficult to decide. I would like to know how to create web applications on JAVA from the bottom, i.e. without the use of frameworks, and af... Read more

How can I read the web.xml parameter inside a bean?

We need to get the value of & lt; session-timeout & gt; from web.xml. There is an armor-piercing method - to parse web.xml, but it does not differ in elegance. Maybe there are some alternative methods? Or, specifically for session timeout, is it possible to read the current value from another place? [edited] This is about EJB, not Java Beans (POJO). Read more

Design literature?

The opinion of habra people is interesting, what good literature (you know from your experience) is on designing and developing software, in particular web systems. It is possible and with a bias on certain ASP.NET and JavaEE platforms Read more

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