Video cards. Which is better: GDDR5 and 128 bit or GDDR3 and 256 bit?

Everywhere, where I looked for information on this issue, it was written only about the fact that GDDR5 memory to some extent compensates for 128 bits. So, to what extent? Worn out by choice. Interested in the context of updating the video card for connecting one monitor 1920x1080, 60 Hz. I choose from options with 1024 MB on board. Thank. Read more

Creating a device based on electronic paper

I would be very grateful for any, even the most meager, information about where and how to get the "raw" electronic paper. In the catalogs of electronic components stores this miracle of technology among LCD, LED and other display devices, unfortunately, I have never met. Perhaps I’m not looking there, or will I have to wait 5 years for it to become publicly available? Read more

Tell me, please, a good tutorial or resource on circuitry

All the textbooks and courses I know begin circuitry with Ohm's law and the Kirghoff rules, then briefly describe the types of integrated circuits, and immediately switch to Boolean logic. The most annoying thing is that a rare course reaches the final result - a designed circuit based on IP. And those that reach, are silent about such important details as additional capacitances, inductances and resistances that appear between the circuit elements. Tell me, please, a textbook or resource, w... Read more

The normal temperature of the RAM?

What should be the normal temperature of the RAM? It seems to me, or is it a lot? Or is driving Everest? Read more

What is the best way to investigate an unfamiliar HID device ..?

There is a certain abstract device “a set of bulbs / buttons with a USB tail” and defined as HID. Watching the oscilloscope activity while pressing the buttons, I believe that this device sends reports. The question is, how would I investigate this device, can there be some program, or in Linux, how can I get the data from the HID device to be poured into the file \ console? As can be seen from the wording of my question, I am still not very strong in the subject, just before smoking mana... Read more

Asterisk better to raise on FreeBSD or Linux?

Hello everyone! Subject. FreeBSD knows much better, from Linux I know more or less Debian. In the server with * except for additional ezernet controllers, nothing is planned to be stuck. Analogue from the city comes to the Asteroid channel bank, according to TDMoE given *. At the same time, 20-30 calls are planned for the city & lt; - & gt; sip (G 711) clients inside. shy and what iron for this thing to take? Read more

How to properly sell an old computer?

Hi, Habrovchane! With all the geeks for sure at least once, but it happened. You assemble your computer, modernize it, put your soul into it, and then circumstances force you to sell it, willingly or not, it doesn't matter. So I had to sell and change my BB to something more compact. The car is almost new, components, all are of excellent quality, the mileage is minimal, understandable begins to "choke the toad" and I want to raise the price tag higher). So, how not to go astray, what ... Read more

What to do with the old HP ipaq rx5700 PDA?

Lying unnecessary, but I would like to find a use. Once there was a project for porting Linux to such devices. What is the status of this project now? Maybe there are alternatives? Read more

Is it possible to connect SAS HDD to SATA?

There is a server screw st9146803ss Visually, the connection interface is similar to the usual SATA, but the connector is connected with power. Can I modify ordinary SATA cables to SAS with a file, or does a controller or something like that be needed here? Sorry for the wording of the question is not very strong in this. Read more

USB durability of port

I am very concerned about the number of insertion / delivery operations for which USB ports are calculated. I ask, because more than once I came across the fact that the port stopped working due to the fact that either the contacts were rubbed or the plug became loose. Are there any ways to extend the life of the USB port? Google on this issue did not give anything. Read more

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