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Video cards. Which is better: GDDR5 and 128 bit or GDDR3 and 256 bit?

Everywhere, where I looked for information on this issue, it was written only about the fact that GDDR5 memory to some extent compensates for 128 bits. So, to what extent? Worn out by choice. Interested in the context of updating the video card for connecting one monitor 1920x1080, 60 Hz. I choose from options with 1024 MB on board. Thank. Read more

Two video cards, ubuntu, how? used this topiko $ lspci | grep vga 00: 02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 12) 01: 00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT215 [GeForce GT 335M] (rev a2) $ cat / sys / kernel / debug / vgaswitcheroo / switch 0:: Pwr: 0000: 01: 00.0 1: +: Pwr: 0000: 00: 02.0 Intelovskaya works after the procedures: # echo ON & gt; / sys / kernel / debug / vgaswitcheroo / switch # e... Read more

SLI-bridge for video cards: does the performance drop drastically without using a piece of iron?

Hi. Helped my brother to build a computer based on ASRock P55 Extreme, an i3 processor and two Palit GeForce 250 GTS video cards. Included with the motherboard is SLI-bridge, a piece of hardware for connecting video cards in SLI according to the idea. But on the video cards themselves, despite the fact that they are SLI-ready, there were no connectors for it. After installing the second board, everything went fine without this bridge (the SLI utility was turned on in the nVidia-utility)... Read more

A quiet graphics card for a programmer ..

... very much needed. Absolutely and irrevocably behind the marketing orgy of the hardware market, so I appeal to the collective mind. Necessary: ​​a quiet and reliable PCI-E video card with dual monitor support on its part and with its full and seamless support from Windows 7 / Server 2008. I do not plan any special games, so nothing extraordinary is required. Thank you in advance. Read more

How to determine which graphics card works: discrete or built-in?

It is possible that the question is rather light and noob, but nonetheless. Just thought, for the sake of curiosity. I have a built-in Intel and a discrete NVIDIA video card in my laptop. I rummaged through the settings, the maximum I found is in which applications which video card to use. And what is the default graphics card. And how to determine which of them is used at a given time? And depending on what they switch? (After all, it seems to be not just stupid "according to the list of applic... Read more

Linux and integrated \ discrete video card?

Greetings! Guys, in the near future I plan to buy a laptop, the choice fell on the intel core i3 core price / requirements, there is an integrated video card in the chip, so a couple of questions: 1. how about drivers for intel video cards? 2. If you take a laptop where else is a discrete video card nvidia how does linux handle switching between them? I am not in this business very well. But as I understood that there is an opportunity to switch through the BIOS, and also with discrete sof... Read more

Looking for a turbine for an ATI video card?

Good day, habracheloveki. It’s no secret that after a year or two, the turbines of ATI HD turbine-cooled 5xxx-6xxx video cards with the turbine cooling series start knocking / rattling / behaving very uncivilized. I, as a lover of silence, resent. Find a similar turbine is very difficult. For example, I did not manage to find the FD9238H12S model for my HD6870 on the Internet on sale on the Internet (I’m not the only one on the forums). Turbine size in diameter is 75 mm. There are o... Read more

Choosing a video card?

Which is better? Radeon HD 6870, 1gb GeForce GTX 560, 1gb Read more

flashing screen, how?

When you reinstall Windows XP, the screen began to flash. Blinking usually starts when you turn on the video player or Skype. At first I sinned on the assembly of Windows, but reinstalling to another did not help. Even worse. I installed drivers from the video from the manufacturer's site, installed the latest K-Lite codecs. I set the frequency to 70 and 72 (the maximum at its highest resolution), reset the CMOS memory. This is not a monitor, because When connected to a netbook, it does not blin... Read more

Problems with iron. How to diagnose?

Hello! Such a problem: 1) Win XP does not get up at all, swears at the iron 2) Win 7 after the first reboot, at the time of configuring itself, it swears at the hardware and asks for reboots and reinstallations, After reboots and reinstallations, everything repeats 3) Win 8, like 7, gets up normally, reboots, configures, and after 7% the monitor goes out and displays nothing. 4) Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 12.04, 12.04.01 during installation - a black screen. As I understand it - this pr... Read more

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