On which freelance stock exchange are the best copywriters and editors?

Who used the services of copywriters, please tell me which mercenary exchange you have pleasant memories. It would be ideal to find a person keen on the development of an information resource about IT, and regularly pay him a small coin for creating topical interesting materials. Using my standard practice of estimating popularity with the help of search engines in this case turned out to be impossible due to some crazy amount of SEO spam for keywords on the topic. Upd 1. Almost all the... Read more

Is there any sense in the copyright on the photo?

I heard that there is no need to copyright on the photo, because By default, all site content belongs to the authors of the project and there is no need to draw a logo on the added photos. Who knows what about this topic? And in general, where can I see the most relevant information on this topic? Read more

What words to replace & quot; articulation & quot; and & quot; karmodderchestvo & quot ;?

I am writing documentation for the social network. What words can be replaced by the terms "membery" and "karmodroderzhestvo"? Read more

Secrets of writing excellent articles on Habré

I learned the rules of publishing topics. Ticked in the right places set, habrarazmetku investigated ... I have not yet written (and, accordingly, have not published) a single article (topic) on Habré, but I think that very soon I will mature. Since the first article is a major event in my life, and it will remain in my memory for a long time, I would like not to lose face. Therefore, I would like to listen to the instructions of experienced Habpwriters about when it is better to start wri... Read more

Find terminology, about the program and content

“The program is only a wrapper for content. In a sense, it does not exist and has no material value. Content, on the contrary, is more material. The program can only provide more convenient work with content, creation, editing, storage, search and analysis. ” What words can replace "material"? How can you formulate these thoughts more successfully and competently? Maybe there are academic wording? Thank! Read more

Author for corporate blog on Habré

Where to find author for corporate blog on Habré? Read more

How much is high-quality copywriting?

Lord, how much do you think is high-quality copywriting articles for the content of the project? By quality copywriting, I mean writing articles like “Top 10 Gadgets 2012”, “Tips for Choosing a Gadget”, etc. That is the original thematic texts, but not requiring a great deal of analytical work or outstanding writing talents. Read more

What are the methods of dealing with unwanted content?

Good day, gentlemen. I am developing a thematic social network. The question is: what methods exist to combat unwanted content (porn, violence, drugs), if it is assumed that the user has the ability to upload video content to the network? Read more

What can threaten to copy someone else's design with some changes + code (jquery, html, css)?

Increasingly, freelance orders create orders for copying one or another design and code with changes. But there is an article, on the Internet they say that it is abstract and it is enough to make small changes in the design so that it is different. I want to figure out what all those are for it, I understand that if you steal the average design, then no one will bathe, and that if you take, for example, copy from an authoritative studio where the site is expensive, (although there is no differe... Read more

Visual editor with the ability to comment on the text?

Dear colleagues! There are 4 sites that are linked by a panel for editors. At the current time, editors use this panel to write and edit articles, as well as post them on target sites. The visual editor in this panel is inconvenient. We use tinymce. Proofreader can not comment on the text lines of the authors when they are checked (as in Google Docs), the layout designer does not see the highlight of html when styling text. There is of course the idea to make your editor, but perhaps there a... Read more

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