Which OS is better to use to create a cluster

There is a question about choosing an OS to create a cluster using ISPmanager Cluster. If anyone had or has experience in this area, I will be happy to listen and take into account. Thank. Read more

DNS configuration in Plesk?

Hoster uses Plesk to manage hosting. I would like to use Google Apps on the site, but I can’t register the DNS in the DNS splash editor. Everything is written as described in the settings of Google. More than a week has passed. But when opening the registered subdomains, a message pops out saying that this domain does not exist. What could be the problem? In the crooked hands of me or the hoster? Or is this a splash limitation that does not allow DNS to work with external resources? Read more

Free hosting panel for FreeBSD

And advise her, please? Criteria: work under frey, preferably in the jail. Paid ones are not suitable due to the small number of clients and the low probability that they will increase greatly in the foreseeable future. So far I have found Domain Technologie Control (DTC), but some kind of it is low-maintenance and overloaded with features (IMHO). Read more

Who are

A letter arrived today that did not get into spam. Neighing. The title of the letter: "Warning for mysayt.RU" Text: Hello admin resource link I, the representative of, which is the main registrar of domain names in Ukraine, as well as the general sponsor of the electronic newspaper “Crime of Ukraine” (, declare to you, as the administrator of the domain moisite.RU, that we have compromising materials regarding your online activities! To ensure that your domain m... Read more

Anyone having problems with Google Webmasters on sites located at Mediatemple?

I recently noticed that Google Webmasters fell off confirmations for my projects located on Mediatemple. Attempting to ask for help in MT led to what I was recommended to write to Google :) The essence of the question is: does anyone have any other projects on MT, and does Webmasters tools work for you? Answers are needed with indication of the Cluster and the segment. My details Grid Cluster: 06 Storage Segment: 01 To continue a reasoned conversation, I need to know: this is only... Read more

Do cloud hosting servers exist in nature, representing several geographically separated nodes as a single server?

Periodically studying the topic of clouds. Judging by all the definitions, clouds are certain spherical horses in a vacuum that somehow (no matter how) solve the complex technical problems of creating distributed systems and providing a service to the user at a higher logical level. What is there inside the clouds, how they work - the user shouldn’t worry, that’s why it’s a “cloud” and not a “set of tambourines, Czechs and a dancing mat”. However, in reality, we still see either a blatant pro... Read more

Service check host availability by ping?

Hello everyone, tell me, please, the service for checking the availability of the host using the ping method, something like or, but with the possibility of checking with the ping method Read more

How to choose the engine for the forum?

There is a desire to create a forum based on a free service. Immediately the question arose which engine to choose. I’m not a big IT specialist, I don’t know anything except html and css, so I’m grateful if you give a reason why one engine is better than another, and is there any difference for a beginner. Thank. Read more

Hosting for images with API?

Suppose I need to make a mold where the user selects a file to upload to the site, and the file is uploaded to ImageShack for example, and not to me on the server. I know that ImageShack has an API, but it gives links to the user, and I need these links to be sent back to my server, ie: user - & gt; image hosting - & gt; my site. Tell me where to find such a service. Here, for example, Loginza is very well done cool - they give through the user to my site a special. the key, and through i... Read more

Why FastCGI + Nginx do not see PHP settings?

Unfolded on the server a classic bundle of Apache: 8080 + Nginx: 80 + FastCGI. At the same time, php, when accessing scripts via port 80, stopped seeing its settings (default ones are loaded). I tried setting the settings in php_value via .htaccess - they still don’t see each other at all. Read more

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