Jamb with and SqlDependecy

Sql Server 2005 and ASP.NET 3.5 The problem is known and associated with the rapid filling of the sequel orlog with messages like The query notification dialog on the conversation handle '{F3EB22A6-CDB6-DF11-9BF1-003048CEA3F1}.' closed due to the following error: & lt;? xml version = "1.0"? & gt; -8490 Description Read more

block page at the time of the request?

I read this topic but it did not work out a bit, maybe I missed it. But I found the perfect option, but only there the code was written not in C # but on VB Can anyone help figure out and convert this C # code? Read more

ASP.Net MVC 2 & amp; IIS 7.0

Through VS I do a publish project written in ASP.Net MVC 2. I get the catalog in the form: ../bin ../Content Global.asax ../Scripts ../Views Web.config in IIS7, a web application was added to localhost, referring to the folder where publish was made. (pointed out the application pool on .Net 4) I start the site. But when I switch to it, I get an error HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden The web server is configured in such a way as not to form a list of directory contents. ... Read more


Hello. Not so long ago I ran into an incomprehensible problem on the site - there is an mvc project, there is a single-tone class SiteUser, through which all work with services is carried out. upon successful authorization, the current user is stored in the session collection: static readonly string sessionKey = "SiteUser"; public static SiteUser Create () { SiteUser.Current = new SiteUser (); return SiteUser.Current; } public static SiteUser Current { get { if (H... Read more

How to put an ASP.NET project in VCS ...?

... so that the next developer won't kill me? The first time I did something in MSVC and I don’t know how to organize versioned storage of the project: what is in the root of the repository, what directories and files should be deleted, etc. I use mercurial. Read more

The best book on ASP.NET from scratch

Actually the question is formulated in the title. Fast (relatively) input is required into how ASP.NET is structured, how to design a site, use standard components / classes, create new, own controllers, etc. Google of course gives out a certain list of books, but I would like to get the name of the most appropriate (it is possible in English), so as not to waste time on notorious slag (for some reason, the series “For dummies” comes to mind :)) Read more

How to make model validation a list of elements in ASP.NET MVC?

Tell me how you can validate the model (on the form) which is a list of items? Read more

Incorrect display errors ASP?

Microsoft VBScript error detection error '800a000d' Operation of the How to overcome or at least translate into a normal view? Lost link to online converter :( Read more

Components for building reporting in ASP.Net

Greetings! It is necessary to implement data output in tabular form with grouping on several levels, a complex header, summing up the grouping levels (some BI) on the ASP.Net platform (.net 3.5) Has anyone encountered a similar task and already implemented it? If there are components (mostly free, but the paid version cannot be excluded) that can implement it - I will be grateful for the hint :) All this can be done manually with a conventional tablet or grid, but constantly doing ro... Read more

The content on the site is taken from various sources. How to simplify the management of all this?

There is a site on which part of the pages is created by hands (main pages, use ASP.NET), some pages are generated automatically (online documentation, use ASP.NET), some pages are a Wordpress blog (PHP, of course). First, I want to do everything on one technology, that is, get rid of PHP. Secondly, I want to simplify the creation of those pages that are now being created by hand (attach CMS, probably) At the same time, it is necessary that the part of the pages be able to be generated... Read more

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