Jamb with and SqlDependecy

Sql Server 2005 and ASP.NET 3.5 The problem is known and associated with the rapid filling of the sequel orlog with messages like The query notification dialog on the conversation handle '{F3EB22A6-CDB6-DF11-9BF1-003048CEA3F1}.' closed due to the following error: & lt;? xml version = "1.0"? & gt; -8490 Description Read more

What advise the means of auditing data changes in MSSQL?

What advise means for auditing data changes in MSSQL (you need to save the change of all fields), where a bunch of mssql + NHibernate. From what I found is: 1. Hang up triggers in the database, write history to tables with history. 2. In NHibernate itself, hang up handlers in Interceptors or EventListeners and write tables with history. 3. Use feature 2008 MSSQL - Change Data Capture. Here the question is whether it should be used for this, somewhere I read “The main scenario in which CD... Read more

NAS with RAID5 and DLNA-server

Greetings! I ask for help from knowledgeable comrades - I want to buy a NAS at home (network storage with media server functionality). Criteria:  - DLNA (you need to correctly perceive and encode 1080p video, with subtitles, several tracks, etc.) - the most critical condition.  - built-in bit-torrent client  - iTunes server  - Two to four screws.  - Economical and quiet  - It is desirable cheaper - a maximum of $ 350 (better - less). Preferably:  - amp (apache, mysql, php... Read more

How to view MS SQL Server 2000 objects in MS SQL SMS 2008 R2 Express similar to viewing them in QA?

Unfortunately, SMS 2008 R2 Express refuses to show SQL 2000 database objects, citing the lack of rights to the sysusers. The administrator is not eager to give rights to select. Is it possible to add functionality to the SMS 2008 environment for working with the SQL 2000 database in Object Explorer, similar to the standard Query Analyzer bundled with the 2000 version. I work under Windows 7, which already leads to problems when installing QA itself (now it is under a virtual machine with... Read more

Recommend SVN server. Not very expensive, but reliable

If possible, not in Ukraine. SVN server is needed not for me personally, but for the company for which I work. Aim to find cheaper than dedicated server. Because keeping SVN in Ukraine (which is happening now) imposes its limitations. Because there were cases of confiscation of servers. And at the same time work stopped. Need to exclude case data in the future. Read more

Zend Framework, MSSQL 2008 R2, PDO - & gt; insert lastInsertId?

How to get lastInsertId if you do it in $model-&gt;insert(array(<br/> 'data1' =&gt; $data1,<br/> 'data2' =&gt; $data2,<br/> ));<br/> $ model- & gt; lastInserId (); - does not work ... Read more

Question about setting up builds in TFS 2010

Help a newbie. There is a solution in which there is a web project, a project with logic and a database project. And there are three questions about setting up builds. 1) How to make it so that when you build a test server, the ConnectionString in the web.config from the local developer database to the test server is replaced? 2) How to make database project deploy on every build? 3) Where in general can you read about all this in detail? Desirable in Russian. Read more

What edition of mssql server to choose?

Before that, I did not ask for licensing of software (all the operating systems were preinstalled). Now you need to put the mssql server. Conditions are: 40-50 simultaneous connections, bulk database, frequent queries. I think between MSSQL 2005 Standart and Workgroup. Which is better to choose how much and where to buy? Read more

MSSQL and php.ini mssql.textlimit

The situation is this: base64 base64 images in a text field when a field is received from pxp by a normal request, the field with a picture is truncated to 4096 bytes. How to get a field of normal length? Installed in php.ini mssql.textlimit = 2147483647 mssql.textsize = 2147483647  - does not help ... I also found this solution:   $q = $db->query ('SET TEXTSIZE 2147483647'); $q->fetchAll(); ini_set ('mssql.textlimit' , '2147483647'); ini_set ('mssql.textsize' ... Read more

How to convert mdf to sdf? (ms sql server to ms sql server ce)?

There is a database in MS SQL Server DBMS. Prompt the easiest way to get out of it in sdf format (MS SQL Server Compact Edition). Read more

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