Search for text on a page using a regular expression in Mozilla Firefox

Is there such a possibility in firefox or a plugin which thread? Read more

Is there a plugin in FF for working with Google.Chrome bookmarks (those stored in Google.Docs)?

In general, everything is clear from the topic, I will explain only why I use them, and not xmarks or Google.Bookmarks (this is another bookmarking mechanism for Google.Toolbar). It’s much easier for me to work with bookmarks saved in documents, for example, as far as I remember, they can be shared. I did so for myself a very convenient wishlist. Read more

Incomprehensible master password

Constantly pops up such a message (FF 3.6). Master Password is disabled. Entering sdf1d54s1 or Esc causes the attenuation and instantaneous appearance of the same dialog box. How to treat? Read more

Firefox \ Chromium: automatic substitution of the domain name in the request?

Our corporate squid cuts all requests to * *, but does not cut * *. Accordingly, VK music apps run on, but when trying to play a song, they climb on cs * / * and cut. Is there an extension for Firefox \ Chromium that could automatically redirect requests from * * to * *? Read more

ubuntu + Yota + Firefox in standalone mode

Firefox always starts in “standalone mode” and you have to uncheck the corresponding menu in the menu, although there is a connection (yota, madWiMax). With other connections (WiFi, LAN) this does not happen. Read more

Get to the “Show more bookmarks” button in Firefox

I am developing an extension for Firefox that allows you to display the bookmarks bar on a hotkey, and hide when clicking on a bookmark. It seems like everything works fine and the plugin is almost ready, but it turned out a bug: if the number of bookmarks exceeds the number placed on the screen, then the button “Show more bookmarks” appears, after clicking which a list of bookmarks that do not fit on the screen appears. So, when you click on a bookmark located inside this button / menu, the mo... Read more

How to deal with an error & quot; The connection was reset & quot; on Habré?

Reading Habr from a mobile 56K link (3G speed drops to such a dial-up level when the monthly traffic limit is exhausted), I often encounter the following problem: The article is loaded, comments start to load, and then bang, the page disappears and “The connection was reset” is displayed instead. You have to closely monitor the progress of the download and click Stop manually in time. Maybe you can configure Firefox so that when the server is disconnected by the server, it leaves the pa... Read more

Firefox and border-right-width bug (agreed)

I observe this: I used the firebag properties, no effect: There is no border-right-width: 0px on this screenshot, but it doesn’t help For all items (table td th) set border: 0 none on request firefox border-right-width (bug | error) Google does not give out anything intelligible. UPD: link  css problem solved - it was in rules = "all" in the heading of the table Read more

How to copy passwords from Password Manager in Firefox?

Simple copy - paste. Because in some pages, 'Remember password' does not work. And each time I don’t want to enter 15 characters. Maybe there is an addon or setting? Read more

Resize google docs panels

In the google docs interface (in ff and google chrome) on the document navigation screen, if you increase the left panel by moving the handler (blue block between the folder and document panel) by more than half of the screen - you cannot restore the previous dimensions panels in the default state. Who faced or met the decision? Read more

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