Advise books on IT marketing

Advise literature on marketing with a bias towards IT. Level from beginner to intermediate. It is possible both in English and in Russian. Read more

Which logo is better?

Friends, We have prepared five logos for our free software company. Of course, we cannot choose - each kulik praises his swamp. Help please, vote and our logos so that we can decide. And those logos that are better, please criticize and tell me how to make it even better. Pictures are clickable. Thanks in advance.  link link link link link Upd. The Notion Demlock: Upd 2. The most useful, from my point of view, were the advice about the correct metaphor (key, antelope, so... Read more

Advise the literature on providing the most convenience and functionality of the web-service

I am interested in the current and most complete information on creating a high-quality Internet project. Required material disclosing the following questions: 1) what things need to pay special attention when designing a site; 2) how to understand where the golden mean is between ease of understanding and site functionality; 3) what is really high-quality and convenient service (clear and understandable description); 4) how to understand what the user needs for his needs; 5) how to ... Read more

Books on web-design

Ordered on Ozon 3 books: “Kovodstvo” by Artemy Lebedev, “Designer's Diary of a Maniac” Yana Frank, “Web Design” by Dmitry Kirsanov. Please advise similar books to spend money and time with benefit. Read more

Which of the panels is better and more informative on the site?

Hello there is a need on the website at the top to organize a brief conclusion of the necessary average users of information, preferably in the form of a panel. Implemented 2 options and would like to know which one seems more convenient to you: 1. Initially collapsed panel which when clicked shows the maximum amount of information approximately as livejournal (option 1) 2. Panel showing 3 news one by one cyclically and weather with the exchange rate (option 2) Thank you for your va... Read more

How much does the development of the CMS interface cost

How much will it cost to come up with a convenient, modern and beautiful interface of the administrator section, the site itself? The main function of the blog system, as well as various modules: forum, polls, tests, pages, etc. Read more

The budget version of the monitor for design

Hello! I work a lot with Photoshop. And the quality of flowers is very important, now I work for Samsung SyncMaster 226 BW "22 But he is wretched for these purposes. Prompt budget option within 15tr. If you have already bought this, then what is it (name, feeling) Thank you :) Read more

How to make the right TK for the designer / coder?

Actually a subject. I myself am a programmer and got used to several other TK. Now you need to hire people for the project and do not want to torment them with all sorts of clarifications and additions. How to state what design I want? Should I give examples? Should I sketch a layout / sketch? What points of design need to clarify? Example: This button should be onhover in a different color. If possible, give a link to a properly executed / drawn up TK. What does a coder need to kn... Read more

Headache: Is the layout for IE6 relevant?

According to statisticians World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and link the number of visitors to sites using Internet Explorer 6 drops. Any typesetter knows how problematic it is sometimes to make a website look right on this browser. In this regard, the question arises - is it relevant to take into account the layout for IE6 today and how expedient will it be done next year? By the way, over the past few months, I began to see more and more websites, when opening them through IE6, there is a s... Read more

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