The idea of ​​a design gallery with elements of a social network: your opinion?

For quite a long time, the thought of creating a design gallery with elements of a social network on the Internet has been spinning in my head. The basic idea at the initial stage of the project is as follows. The gallery consists of four sections: logos, corporate identity, websites and graphic design (or, for example, everything that is not included in the first three sections). Any novice or experienced designer (without registering or from his profile) can send his work to this gallery, ... Read more

Where can I get beautiful templates for 2009-2011, preferably with jquery?

Hello. Looking for beautiful and preferably free sites with the latest templates of 2009-2011, without flash and not tied to any CMS. Jquery in these templates would be a huge plus. Well, if the source code in the psd were there would be no price at all. (But PSD - this is not the main thing.) I would be happy to help you find these templates. Read more

JS-library for & quot; graffiti & quot ;?

Do javascript libraries exist for quickly creating functionality similar to “Vkontakte” graffiti? I want to stick a drawing box to the form so as not to use plug-ins like flash or java. Read more

Recommend good books for the web designer

Recommend good books for the web designer that are required to read and use in work. Read more

Web Design in the West

The question is controversial, but still I am very interested in the opinion of Habr. With the Russian market of web design is more or less clear. And what about the West? What kind of web design studios are considered cool and famous? Who bought the guys with fatty wallets? Manufacturers of machinery, consumer products, etc. Anyway, which web design studios from there do you personally like? Read more

UML diagram (s) of web projects?

Good link, habra-community! In my re-design and under-programmer brain, the idea arose of documenting the philosophy (read, techniques) of object-oriented design. Yes, it is the creation of "layouts", "gui whales" and so on for the presentation logic. But I need your help, I am sure that there will be specialists with UML diagrams (language that doesn’t have a role) in the experience (archive) of web applications or any other with modules for creating a graphical user interface. Read more

Wanted poster in the style of pixel art?

I really want to find and use for personal purposes a poster - a poster in the style of pixel art, like this: But on IT topics, system administrators, networks and so forth. can anyone seen like that? PS: Google did not help in the search. Read more

How to attract the user's attention to the button? [SOLVED]

In the web service interface there is a button with non-obvious, but key functionality. In general, there is no way to designate it in a unique and obvious way - for example, a simple smiley can be displayed on it. The question is how to draw the user's attention to this button? At least so that he brought the mouse, and looked pop-up comment, or the like. Solved. Use common traditional means to attract attention, as you recommended. Thank! Read more

Learn the style of the text on the site?

Perhaps it was a beautiful dream, but I have a feeling that I saw a website somewhere (or a browser plug-in) that allows me to find out the style of a certain text — font, size, color, etc. Are there any services / plugins? You can, of course, save the page with css-files, open it in the editor and see for yourself, but I would like to be faster, higher, stronger, easier and more convenient Read more

A tool for CSS sprites

What tools for working with CSS sprites are most convenient and why? Knowingly thanks for the detailed answers! Read more

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