Replacing & quot; captcha & quot ;?

Is it worth removing the “captcha” and using, for example, checking for the time of sending - say, less than 5 seconds - exactly a bot. What other options are there? Read more

Is it worth using an alternative to captcha when commenting by Anonymus - prohibiting the publication of comments containing http: //?

Most captcha can be hacked, well, or bypassed massively with the help of "Chinese". Why not use this option? Read more

Does not save reCapcha

What should I do if reCapcha does not save? Spam erupts in the feedback form ~ 10 times a day, completely ignoring captcha. She and the person will not read it the first time, but here ... Has anyone encountered a problem? Read more

Chrome & amp; Captcha

Almost from the very beginning of using Google Chrome, I was haunted by some problem - on some sites the captcha code does not want to be entered into anything. On the code is not entered - what the chrome shows does not correspond to the reality and does not coincide with the audio data being voiced. Here on Habré I faced the same misfortune - I can not log in. Apparently the problem is in the picture that shows chrome. Help me figure out what factors this problem depends on? After a... Read more

Since when do you manage to type captcha on Habré?

Sabzh, from what time do you manage to type a captcha on Habré? Without updating the picture specifically, but going in succession? Read more

Sending data to the server with protection using a simple captcha

The interest is purely academic and it concerns only the simple captcha “click on the house | key | bug” (SimpleCapcha). There is no need to recognize the picture, you do not even need to count anything. It is necessary in one session to grab the page, get the desired code-response, and send this answer along with the data by the POST method. Is this even possible? I tried to implement. At first I took python and selenium, but could not start the last one + it requires that the browser be on... Read more

Yii captcha client validation

Hello everyone. The problem in the following form is client validation and captcha with the “refresh captcha” button, The javascript validator checks the captcha for a blank value and for the correctness of the entered code. After updating the captcha javascript validator does not miss the new correct value. The question is whether there are ways not to check the correctness of the entered captcha on the client? I tried to use different variations on the rules, it did not work out.... Read more

Send page to print in Chrome from the console?

Lord, good day. The situation is as follows: There is a thermonuclear captcha, made on a flash, where the letters appear only when you hover over them with the mouse and in turn, and plus everything else the garbage “drops” constantly to complicate recognition (link). Suddenly it was found that if you open the flash drive in chrome in a separate window and send it to print, we get this: Then we print “in the picture”, we unscrew the brightness, and we have only clean big lette... Read more

Which of the fonts is difficult to OCR, but at the same time, it is readable by humans?

It is clear that if you completely rest on it and make an unrecognizable text, you will get a CAPTCHA. But at the same time it is important that you can read the page of such text without straining it. Those. Gothic fonts and "handwritten" fall away. What is left? Read more

How do you rate the crack resistance of such a captcha

Each frame of the animation is a separate captcha. (there are about 150 captchas here, but many are similar) Captcha size may be smaller, you need to select. I wonder how to break it? Generating is relatively simple, and the inverse algorithm is not invented. Read more

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