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Replacing & quot; captcha & quot ;?

Is it worth removing the “captcha” and using, for example, checking for the time of sending - say, less than 5 seconds - exactly a bot. What other options are there? Read more

How can a hoster detect spammers among clients?

I need your advice. What software is needed to provide hosting? For now I’ve stopped at: CentOS x64 ISPmanager pro Apache mpm-itk php 5.3 php 5.2 CGI MySQL 5.1 munin - for monitoring iron problems < br /> Interested in your opinion on this list. And I did not find information about the programs that would catch among the clients of mail spammers and those using CURL. Or they didn’t even catch them, but at least they did some monitoring so that I could respond to abuses and local... Read more

Postfix and spamass-milter, problem with the socket?

I am trying to fasten spamass-milter to Postfix + Spamassassin, the problem is that postfix doesn’t have enough rights to access spamass-milter.sock srwxr-xr-x 1 sa-milt sa-milt 0 Дек 17 14:31 spamass-milter.sock via RUN_AS_USER on behalf of postfix, spamass-milter simply refuses to work. on the Internet, something is spamass-milter is screwed only in freebsd via rc.conf, so I could not find there useful information for myself upd: in general, I don’t know how much this is the “beautiful” v... Read more

How to limit the number of letters sent per unit of time in Exchange 2003?

The question is this: there are users who make large mailings, and since the domain has already appeared once in the black list of the DNSBL, I want to take all precautions so that the situation does not repeat. How to limit the number of letters sent to a user per unit of time in Exchange 2003? Thanks in advance for your reply. Google did not give a clear answer. Read more

Whole Internet in OpenSPF?

In SpamAssassin, SPF_PASS has long been overcome for + all in SPF. However, spammers found a remedy against this, asking the entire Internet in four pieces / 2, for example: v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: -all Question: how to overcome this? I tried to google this question, but immediately there is nothing worthwhile, or I could not find the right words. It is possible to read the source, but lazily, especially if someone has alread... Read more

An alternative to spamassassin?

Requirement - under Linux (CentOS 5), free. It is advisable to bring arguments for and against. Read more

Gmail - double-check spam

There is a box that contains 100,500 emails, a spam filter has been leaked to some part. Is it possible to run the spam filter again for the letters already in the box? Need to "comb out" spam. Read more does not open

Hello everyone, for a week now for some obscure reasons, only opera unite and proxy has stopped opening from my IP address. Here is the result of netcat, ping and ipconfig: C: \ Users \ root & gt; ping Packet exchange with [] with 32 data bytes: Answer from number of bytes = 32 time = 96ms TTL = 54 Answer from number of bytes = 32 time = 91ms TTL = 54 Answer from number of bytes = 32 ti... Read more

Antispam for Thunderbird?

Greetings to all, I got sick of a small question, which of the anti-spam will advise the society for the Thunderbird mail client (the built-in is not very comfortable, it periodically tupit, it does not train very well). Maybe someone had the experience of installing third-party antispam for this client. The main reason is that the mail is hosted, and they absolutely cannot cope with the spam streaming huge flow to our addresses. The idea of ​​transferring mail to yourself is there, but so far... Read more

How not to get into the lists of spammers?

The company has about 2,000 customers who have expressed a desire to receive the newsletter by e-mail. How from the point of view of providers and postal services to do it correctly and not to get into the lists of spammers? Mailing is supposed to be conducted from the office of the company. Maybe there are some special marks for letters, what is this mailing? Maybe somehow you can be certified in a special way? I would be grateful for any thoughts and links on the topic. First of all, tec... Read more

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