Choosing a DBMS for a web service on Erlang?

Good day! I decided to try a small project that had long been just an idea. To implement chose Erlang. It seemed to me a good fit for comet-like features and relatively easy scalability. The only confusing moment for me is the choice of DBMS. Specificity of the project does not imply any sql perversions, only ordered lists with the possibility of interval selection and simple key-value. As candidates are considered Mnesia, Redis and MySql. I know MySql well, but it is not completely c... Read more

Python structure of a web project for working with graphs?

Good day I conceived one study on python to implement. The essence comes down to the fact that from a remote computer they are accessing a server on which the python script loads a relatively large graph for id — from this query, does something with it, returns a certain metric, closes the connection, updates the graph and stores it. Here I ask for advice from knowledgeable people on architecture. Of the requirements, the minimum delay with 100 simultaneously served columns. And in general... Read more

Problem with Redis

We use radishes, we noticed a terrible thing - ~ 20ms is spent on the connection Trying phpRedis - 23ms predis - 20ms How to reduce the connection time to almost zero? At the same time, if the settings indicate '', time is ~ 50ms, if 'localhost' or the real ip of the network interface, then ~ 20ms Read more

redis - many independent servers for writing - & gt; 1 aggregating

there are several combat servers, on each is written in radish some statistics, each server has its own statistics there is an aggregation server, where you need to collect statistics, group and calculate, and preferably in real time while I see the options: 1 collect statistics from each radish on the combat servers by timeout in a separate script, in php or python and put in an aggregate radish but there are many difficulties in ensuring the atomicity of operations 2 to m... Read more

Backup Redis db

How to backup radish databases? Read more

Control Panel for radish for PHP?

For memkesh, there is such a tool: Need a similar for radish. Thank. Read more

Whether to publish an article on the preparation of combat Redis + PHP from source?

The article does not claim to novelty. You can find in the internet how to build Redis, Redisphp and redisadmin. But maybe habrazhiteli want to see a beautiful and intelligible article in Russian, how to provide the server with Reds, Cish module PHP and redisadmin for the combat server? Read more

Morphological live search?

Hello everyone! There was such an idea and, accordingly, a task, there is a service in which users leave tickets and there is also a FAQ in which most of the questions are already described. I decided to do a live search on the text of the message of the ticket, so that when typing words she would look for answers in the FAQ. I ask your advice, what are the solutions or what can be taken as a basis. At the core is nodejs. Requirements:  - Ability to check each word, not sentences or phrase... Read more

Redis losing data?

We are using Node.JS in conjunction with Redis and we have problems with data loss. We make a statistics system where every request sent to the server should be logged. With 1000 and higher competitive queries, Redis starts to lose data. We log each request using Node.JS and Redis, and while Node.js shows exactly as many requests as were sent, and by the way Redis Monitor also shows exactly as many requests as sent, DBSIZE and KEYS always shows 40-50 % less than expected quantity. Serve... Read more

data processing in redis

I am studying redis I want to calculate the ratio of files, as the ratio of traffic that they generated to their size. There are hashes htraff and nsize, the key is the name of the file, the value, respectively, traffic and size. To calculate the relation, now I use the following code:  $hsize=$redis->hGetAll("hsize"); $htraff=$redis->hGetAll("hraff"); foreach ($v as $hash=>$size) $redis->zAdd("hratio",$htraff[$date][$hash]/$size,$hash); ... Read more

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