Screen and history?

In my ubuntu, I constantly use the Terminal multiplexer Screen. He copes with his functions excellently, but he has one puncture - this is the history of commands. An incomprehensible hell is happening to her, so what, but I cannot find my commands there. Can someone tell me how to make the command history work as it should? Read more

How reliable is DRDB?

What are the restrictions on its use? What is the speed of its work compared to a local disk? Is this an acceptable replacement for expensive SAN-based solutions for an average project size (data less than a terabyte)? Read more

How to solve the problem with the coding in conjunction Evolution + Exchange 2007?

Moved from Win7 to Ubuntu Lucid. But since the entire infrastructure in the office is built on Microsoft products, the question of working with mail, calendar, contacts, etc. has arisen. Exchange 2007. Installed Evolution. Friends through mapi with Exchange. Everything would be wonderful, but instead of the Russian-language folder names, the symbols of the questions. The same thing in the texts of letters. Has anyone been able to solve this problem? Read more

Examples of Openvz user_beancounters

I'm going to chop the server into containers. Interest examples of tariff plans on OpenVZ, namely cat / proc / user_beancounters Read more

Advise books for studying reverse engineering and writing drivers for USB devices

Books for beginners are desirable and if possible in Russian. Read more

Tell me a normal traffic accounting system for Linux

Immediately make a reservation - you do not need a full billing, just statistics :) Approximately the same as in Kerio WinRoute - i.e. it should be possible to easily and easily see from which ip where you went and how much you pumped. Data collection can be carried out for example using flow-capture, but what should be used to generate statistics based on this data? Read more

Set up an Ident in IRC?

I have a VPS server on Debian, bots connect to the network. You need to set up an identity for them (so that there are more than 5 connections from one IP - you need an identity for this). The problem is that oidentd is installed and configured, TCP port 113 is open, but the bots are still not identical ... The telnet on the 113th port passes, a message is written in the logs that they have logged on to this port. In addition, there is nothing in the logs - if you enter ... Read more

Wine, games and open ATI driver?

worth on Fedora 13, AthlonX2, 2G RAM, ATI Radeon x2300. Unfortunately, ATI dropped support for non-HD cards in the proprietary driver, we have to use an open radeon. So here. The goal is to cut yourself in POP Warrior Within or Fallout 3. On Windows it all ran. Under Vayn cheto crashes. In general, any Windows game that Direct3d uses or slows down or crashes. Even Diablo II. When you put DirectDraw in it, it flies. Direct3d slows down. Directx in Wine set from winetricks. Attention q... Read more

File manager for linux?

Please advise a convenient two-pane file manager for linux. Read more

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