Calculate height (in pixels) of an NSTextField in Cocoa?

Friends! Actually the question is, there is a web service, data in NSTextField is dynamically pulled from it. Can a great framework solve my problem? P.S - if you get the height of the text field, the height of the form should also change. If someone decides, friends respond :) Read more

How to increase the system font in Mac OS X 10.6?

It's hard to believe, but in 2010 in the Most Advanced OS In the World (as it is positioned) there is no way to change the size of the system font. He is selected the World's Best Interface Specialists once and for all - for any resolution and monitor, and is not subject to change. None. Yes, yes, the fact that in two other popular OS is done in two clicks, for Mac users - a forbidden pleasure. As a result, I'm on my iMac 27 & quot; with a resolution of 2560x1440 forced to break eyes. An... Read more

software for working with sound in Mac OS

Sometimes I have to create advertising for the radio and I also record podcasts for myself. For post-processing in my Windows, I used 2 programs: WaveLab (the recording process itself, normalization, filters, effects, bass, cutoff frequencies that a microphone couldn’t record, etc.) and Adobe Audition (for converging tracks, auto-noise, normalization of volume levels, compilation in mp3 with variable bitrate, etc.). Google suggested that both programs are EXPECTED under Mac OS 10.5.x-10.6.x (Int... Read more

Apple / Magic Mouse?

Found it through bluetooth. Installed, but does not work scrolling ... At the flags in the settings (Mac OS), it appeared separately and there are corresponding settings. I have it only in the settings "Keyboard and Mouse" Mac OS X 10.5.8 How to fix the situation? Maybe you need to put the "snow leopard"? Read more

Analog Lingvo Tutor for Mac OS?

Recommend a good alternative to Lingvo Tutor for Mac OS X. Read more

Layout of the site in the style of Mac OS X

I want something strange: that the site (and especially the tins on the site) be as close as possible to the Mac OS X desktop interface (of course, in all browsers and all form elements, including drop-down menus). Found somewhere on the forum a dead link to a topic for extJS. From living the most similar is the theme of Aristo here: Has anyone tried to do this? Maybe you saw links to threads or javascript frameworks? Read more

Code editor under mac

Will the respected community tell you about the subject with tabs, syntax highlighting and the ability to work with cyberduck, which is not overloaded with additional features and preferably free? I used Textmate - but for deleted documents, tabs do not work for him, and sometimes cp-1251 is frustrating. Texwrangler is crooked. Read more

Yota Jingle in Linux or OS X?

Does anyone have any experience in pairing 4G-modem Yota Jingle with any OS other than MS Windows? Search results on the Internet are a little reassuring: ( Read more

How to make CTRL + C / CTRL + V on Mac OS X work the same as cmd + v / cmd + s?

When switching, I constantly get confused, I want to make both combinations work, how can I configure mac os for this? C using third-party programs if they are free, too, can be. Read more

Remind, please, the name of the PHP IDE

Once again, there was a poll “what kind of IDE you use”. Then a lot of users answered that they use an IDE not listed on the list, I forgot its name. I remember that it was commercial, it cost about 100 bucks for a license. And worked under a poppy. I then decided when I got a poppy, I would set it up for myself. And the name is forgotten. Remind please. Read more

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