Wine, games and open ATI driver?

worth on Fedora 13, AthlonX2, 2G RAM, ATI Radeon x2300. Unfortunately, ATI dropped support for non-HD cards in the proprietary driver, we have to use an open radeon. So here. The goal is to cut yourself in POP Warrior Within or Fallout 3. On Windows it all ran. Under Vayn cheto crashes. In general, any Windows game that Direct3d uses or slows down or crashes. Even Diablo II. When you put DirectDraw in it, it flies. Direct3d slows down. Directx in Wine set from winetricks. Attention q... Read more

IETester under ubuntu 10.10

Friends, today I put photoshop cs5 under ubunta! Only one step separates me from the demolition of Windows - this is IETester, tell me which libraries you need to put in order for it to work :) Now it starts but does not create a single tab, the library writes it was not found, and which one does not write. Read more

Baltic Bank + Linux

Does the Chabroux community be interested in an article about connecting and launching an online client of Baltic Bank under Linux? Read more

Maximum working capacity of Internet Explorer 7 in Wine

Working on the current project required me to streamline the API calls related to cryptography, which Internet Explorer does, to Wine. I downloaded the sources of wine-1.3.11, because then I’ll have to change them a bit, and winetricks to put IE7 in Wine. Installed in this way, IE generally works, but hangs tightly, for example, when displaying the message "page cannot be found" in many other places. Debug wine shows that something loops in wininet and stack overflow comes in the final. Beca... Read more

Security naked IE 6

How safe is subj without security patches, but running under Ubuntu under wine? In terms of visiting suspicious sites, opening unfamiliar flash and other delights. It is clear that the harm of the OS itself under an un-privileged user is unlikely to be inflicted, but I am not sure that there are no pitfalls. Read more

Need a set of software, the most similar in function to analogs of Windows?

IM client type Qip Infium - with normal support for the jabber XMPP protocol - qutIM does not connect Vkontakte, Pidgin is poor in settings. Dc ++ client with features like greylink, EiskaltDC ++ does not work, because of an inconvenient interface and lack of necessary settings, transparent logging, the ability to configure antispam and convenient work with the chat / user list. Direct audio player with normal sound, like foobar2000, with support for playing audio from Vkontakte (Audacious), b... Read more

& quot; Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 & quot; on Linux under Wine

Hi! In connection with the work it became necessary to install on Linux (Linux) link, which includes Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote. To work you need mainly Word and Excel. I know about LibreOffice and, the latter is installed as an office by default. But all the same compatibility issues make you think about buying an office from Microsoft. I will clarify that the purchase of Windows is not assumed. I only get acquainted with Linkus, tried Runtu, Linux Mint, there is also Ub... Read more

Returning the icon of the Windows application in Ubuntu 10.10?

I used myself Qip 2010 from under Wine. One day, instead of getting out of it, accidentally slammed his applet from the panel. Now, when a switch is running, there is no icon on which, for example, you can call it, that is, it is not possible to work with it. How to return the applet back? I did not find anything in the list of suggested ones to add. Read more

Installing .net3.5 under wine

Can anyone put or have a live manul? Or is there a way to launch a .net3.5 application using winForms under Linux without virtual machine and not under mono (mono winForms only 2.0 supports) Read more

Is it possible to disable moving the window in xubuntu by Alt + Button1?

With the advent of unity, you have to look for an alternative to the standard ubuntu. I decided to put xubuntu - everything is good in it, but it prevents the movement of windows when pressing Alt + LKM. Periodically you have to use Photoshop through wine, and there this combination does not work if used by the system. I searched on the Internet, but could not find a solution. Can anyone come across how to disable this combination? Read more

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