Wine, games and open ATI driver?

worth on Fedora 13, AthlonX2, 2G RAM, ATI Radeon x2300. Unfortunately, ATI dropped support for non-HD cards in the proprietary driver, we have to use an open radeon. So here. The goal is to cut yourself in POP Warrior Within or Fallout 3. On Windows it all ran. Under Vayn cheto crashes. In general, any Windows game that Direct3d uses or slows down or crashes. Even Diablo II. When you put DirectDraw in it, it flies. Direct3d slows down. Directx in Wine set from winetricks. Attention q... Read more

Working with CUDA with an AMD

processor, the processor will not insert sticks into the wheels of a video card, right? Read more

Video Card Selection & quot; Pro & quot; entry level series?

Worth link selection of video cards. I'm a mediocre 3d, and I run 3d editors occasionally for specific goals, as a rule, to render some kind of model. The question now is to abandon ATI's HD gaming and pick something more serious. Actually, can anyone advise what? I'm more prone to ATI / AMD FirePro V4800, but I’m tormented by the presence of nVidia’s CUDA, but the closest-priced cards are made according to the 65 process technology, have worse and less memory and more heat. Will all CUDA cha... Read more

Vidyashka as a gift?

I ask this question precisely because I hardly play computer games on my PC (I play on the phone or Flash toys, I don’t have time), so I apologize for my playing botanism. There is a nephew, 20 years old. He terribly wants to play games (Stalker, Starcraft 2, Mafia), what else do they have? In short, modern toys. We bought him a relatively good 23 inch monik for the New Year, but now I understand that it is clearly not enough. I thought and thought, and decided to give him another video ca... Read more

. Select the main display in Ubuntu?

There is a laptop with a video card from Radeon on Ubuntu 10.10 (installed proprietary firewood, which offered the OS) and a monitor that is connected to the laptop. The main display is a laptop screen. How to make the main monitor? Preferably without editing configs :) Read more

Missing permissions on ATI 6970?

In principle, everything is quite simple. I love to play in windowed mode. Before that there were different video cards, x1950, 2900, 4870, gt260, 5830, now 6970. Actually, I have been sitting in window mode since 4870, usually playing at 1440 * 990, 1376 * 768, (With a total monitor resolution of 2960 * 1050) At 6970, these permissions are gone. The remaining 1280 * 800 and 1280 * 960, immediately after them - 1680 * 1050. I really want to return the usual resolution, but the classic meth... Read more

Anti-aliasing thumbnails in Compiz?

The thumbnails in Compiz look like this: There is no smoothing, nothing is possible to understand. This is not very convenient. And with the rest of the plugins (window previews, scale, expo) the same thing, of course. At the same time, Metacity with compositing enabled (/ apps / metacity / general / compositing_manager) shows: Torsion of settings (ccsm) did not help (it seems, I tried everything related to texture filtering, mipmapping and bicubic filtering. Is there a way to fix ... Read more

Win7 on several mainboards (multi-boot)

Good day! Is there even the slightest possibility to use a portable SSD as a boot disk for 2 computers with completely different ones? data, in particular one on an Intel processor, another on AMD? If so, how? Read more

How to use i3 integrated processor graphics in dell inspiron 5010?

The laptop has a discrete ATI Radeon HD5470, but powerful graphics are not always needed, how can I switch to intel GMA HD? Read more

Open ATI drivers (xf86-video-ati), r600 (HD4290) and 3D acceleration?

Re-read link, thought, tried to put. Worth: [ebuild R ] x11-libs/libdrm-2.4.24 USE=&quot;libkms -static-libs&quot; VIDEO_CARDS=&quot;radeon -intel -nouveau -vmware&quot; 0 kB<br/> [ebuild R ] media-libs/mesa-7.10.1 USE=&quot;classic gallium nptl -debug -gles -hardened -llvm -motif -pic (-selinux)&quot; VIDEO_CARDS=&quot;radeon -intel -mach64 -mga -nouveau -r128 -savage -sis -tdfx -via -vmware&quot; 0 kB <br/> [ebuild R ] x11-base/xorg-server-1.9.4.... Read more

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