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File manager for linux?

Please advise a convenient two-pane file manager for linux. Read more

Tags in windows explorer?

Actually there is a desire to arrange a tag system in the explorer so that photos / videos can be scattered not only by date / quality, but also by place, genre, etc. Does anyone know a good thread for this? I tried TaggedFrog, but with large amounts of data, it starts to slow down hopelessly, and sometimes hang. Linux options can not offer - there I work. Read more

Filemanager in PHP?

Is there a simple PHP file manager? Quite often, when installing a website on a hosting, you have to perform the following steps: 1. Download the archive via FTP and unpack it through the file manager of the hosting control panel. 2. Download all site files via FTP. The first option in some cases does not work, because There is no file manager in the hosting panel (or there is simply no access to it). The second option is quite long. Looking for a third alternative way to download t... Read more

File manager with viewing video characteristics?

Is there a file manager in which you can watch the internal characteristics of the video files (it’s where your name is written, etc., at least in the MOV files for QuickTime)? Preferably with a player. Read more

Gnome: restoring Nautilus as the main file manager?

I have Arch Linux with a Gnome desktop. There was a need to look at Xfce4, which was successfully delivered. After the first login to Xfce4 - I was asked a system question about choosing the main file manager - I chose Thunar. In Gnome, Thunar was also automatically installed as the main file manager. After the complete demolition of Xfce4 with the removal of all tangential configs, Nautilus did not become the main file manager. Login with "Places" will give an error like this: Could... Read more

jQuery file manager?

I am writing just such a thing for jQuery as close as possible to the behavior of the explorer. From the worker: Click selection, selection with CTRL Navigation arrows LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN F2 rename Drag and drop files from desktop (Chrome) Drag and drop files and folders into another folder (one by one) Remove selection by clicking outside. Jump to folder by double-clicking Saving the list of files and folders by Ctrl + C in session Delete files and folders by DEL Crea... Read more

Web file manager good?

Any language, but better than PHP. You can do something cool and quick. You can do something nice with AJAX and other goodies. The main thing is that it shows the owner, group and access rights and allows you to change access rights. elfinder liked, but there is no information about the owner or rights. Nowhere else did I see a bunch of things I don’t see the display of system-wide access rights. Thank you in advance. Read more

File Manager for Windows to replace Total Commander

I am looking for a two-pane file manager to replace Total Commander, axis - Windows 7. The total is good, but in order to feel comfortable in it, you need to install plug-ins, write hotkeys to the wall behind the monitor, which often differ from common ones, etc. - I somehow do not need it. Who can that advise? Only not FAR, I can’t get along with him for sure. Read more

Is there a good web file manager that works through FTP?

Googling on sabzh did not bring sensible results, where the product is no longer supported, where the poor interface is, somewhere else something ... Read more

Search CorelDRAW document. Search for text in files in nested archives?

Good day to all! Advise a file manager for Windows that can do this, of course, if it exists. Maybe there is some other solution. Why is this necessary? In ZIP / RAR archives (backup) there are many files in CorelDRAW format. .CDR is essentially a ZIP archive, which contains data about the document (two xml-files) and the actual graphics, xml contains all the text that is in the document. Often it is necessary to find the necessary CorelDRAW document in the text contained in it, despite ... Read more

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