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Advise good books on Python'u focused on web development

Php tired, I want a new one. Decided to take up the study of python. Advise good books (not for teapots :). English or Russian - anyway. Armed with a python I want to go to the study of Google App Engine - for it, too, I would like to read something interesting. Read more

Get all tweets replicas

I need to get all replays to a specific tweet, as the web client does on I am writing in python, but I have already looked at all the ready-made solutions and there is no necessary functionality. link. Read more

What is trans in functions?

Good time of day, habrovchane. class Dataset( object ): ..... def get_access_roles( self, trans ): roles = [] for dp in self.actions: if dp.action == roles.append( dp.role ) return roles Actually, tell me what the trans is? Read more

How to run a python-script through a web-interface and return the answer about the implementation?

Good day to all. Tell me how you can accomplish the following task: There is a python script that solves a math problem. The initial data for the task is stored in the database from which it is planned to pull the data. There will also be a Django web interface through which these raw data can be edited. Now I run the script from the terminal and give it test data from csv files. Based on the above, a few questions: 1) How to run a script with calculations on the server through the webs... Read more

Why an error with a GET request in python?

I make several queries in a loop that contains a list of attributes of a GET request. Like this: class... self.log_paths = ["a=123","b=456","c=789"] def main_loop(self) self.basepath = "index.html?" self.httpServ = httplib.HTTPConnection(, self.port) self.httpServ.connect() for item in self.log_paths: main_path = self.basepath + item self.run_removed(self.httpServ, main_path) time.sleep(0.5) ... Read more

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