Creating a device based on electronic paper

I would be very grateful for any, even the most meager, information about where and how to get the "raw" electronic paper. In the catalogs of electronic components stores this miracle of technology among LCD, LED and other display devices, unfortunately, I have never met. Perhaps I’m not looking there, or will I have to wait 5 years for it to become publicly available? Read more

E-book for technical literature?

At the moment, the choice is between Nook'om and Kindle 3. 9.7 "options for money yet. I have long wanted Nook, but their new revision is not sewn, and pdf in the standard firmware cannot be read. So the question is, is it worth it to steam, looking for old revisions on ebee, or to take a Kindle and not to soar the brain? Read more

Convert djvu to epub. Than?

Actually the whole question fit in the title. What is better to use? Read more

PDF reader for Windows7 with page turning effect

Hello% username%! Tell me pliz reader for Windows7, which would understand at least PDF format (as a maximum - djvu / fb2 / html / txt / doc, etc.), the main required feature - so that the reader could turn pages like in a real book (Analogs on Android and Yablofona a lot, but under Windows7 ... Google doesn't want to tell anything about it :(). Thank you so much. Read more

Advise RSS reader for Android

Need reader with reference to Google Reader. Tried and periodically check for changes in NewsRob. A good program, though not very beautiful. Not satisfied with the fact that long shakes new articles, often falls. Restriction on 1000 entries. Cannot add feed. Pulse News Reader with "iphony" interface - the opposite of newsrob - beautiful to hell. Accordingly, what new articles to understand from the main page is unrealistic. In the eyes dazzled. Although it seems comfortable. But the ma... Read more

Laptop or e-book reader for e-books?

I thought about buying a device for reading e-books, but having plunged into the topic I realized that e-books had already moved forward a long time ago and now they are already stuffed with everything that is possible. I decided to lean towards the netbook \ tablet pc (ASUSa liked the model with a rotating screen), but forgot about reading books from it :) Tell me, please, is it really possible to somehow adjust the screen of a netbook for reading e-books (so that the gradients of 8 or 16... Read more

Purchase of an electronic book. Which one to choose?

I am going to buy an e-book, I choose a model. I would like to support as many formats as possible and be convenient to use. I'm currently leaning toward Sony PRS-505. I don’t like just the lack of support for fb2. It is NOT desirable to have TouchScreen. All that I have seen with such a glare strongly blurs, which negates all the advantages of electronic paper. Thank you in advance. Read more

Kindle 3: reading DJVU and PDF

Kindle 3, to put it mildly, is not sharpened by reading popular book formats in Russia - DJVU and PDF. Dear habrovchane-owners of the device, please share your own solutions to the problem. Stable firmware, the most adequate converter in native formats, etc. Read more

The choice of reading room for a girl

One beautiful girl soon DR. Her young man put her in front of a choice ... Choosing a reading room she wants to buy. She asked me for advice, but I was never interested in reading e-ink readers :( Tell me what to choose, if you have a choice of Kindle and Sony PRS-650 now? Support fb2 is very desirable, directly blood from a nose. Read more

How to put DRM protection on ePub

Tell me how to put DRM protection on books in ePub format without purchasing Adobe Content Server? Read more

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