Tunneling via HTTP proxy

Available:  - a computer with Linux with access to the Internet through a transparent http proxy;  - a server where you can run an arbitrary program. It is required that the computer has Internet via the server (if the server can be dispensed with, the better) and jabber, ssh and many other things that need specific ports and a permanent connection can be used. What solutions exist for this case? Read more

Deal with routing: IPsec?

Good day! Describing the situation: there is a lokalka A: its main gateway is lokalka A has access to the Internet. (WAN, white IP) there is a lokalka B: its main gateway is LAN B does not have access to the Internet, there is only access to LAN A. (WAN, gray IP 10.x.x.x) On the main Ethernet gateways, pfSense 2.0 is installed. Networks are connected using an IPsec tunnel. Result: network B pings network A and net... Read more or localhost, what is it?

There are many different articles on the Internet that don’t give me any clue what it is. Everything is very superficial. I can not understand how it works. I am using PuTTy to connect to SSH. There you can specify the Source Port and Destination? What is the source and destination port? I specify port 12345 and destination In proxifier, I specify localhost: 12345 and can connect to sites through a different IP. What is the general address for I want to actually un... Read more

How to organize a tunnel from a set of proxies without authorization to a set of proxies with authorization?

Short, but capacious. There are many HTTP proxies with password authorization. We need the same HTTP proxy without password authorization. Is there software that creates tunnels between these two sets? Deployed Suppose that there are proxies with password authorization:, There is a dedicated server based on Debian with the address: It is necessary that the server be a proxy without password authorization, wrapping traffic like this:... Read more

How to get access to files on the server through 2 ssh?

Good day! Let's say there is an internal company network (intranet). There you can connect via ssh, through a public server shared server.kompaniya.ru There are a lot of sites inside it with the addresses of the website, company, site, company, and so on. I want to connect from home to the website of the company, the company, and also edit in my editor the files that lie on this website. To access this internal site, I enter a command in the terminal (any port can be) ssh -D 3355 userna... Read more

Where can I find the lead developer for the p2p (random nodes, encryption, tunnels) protocol?

Good day! There was a question - where can you find such a rare person who can lead a project to develop a protocol similar to the I2P network (possibly based on it) and the subsequent development of a mail platform on it? Read more

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