Tunneling via HTTP proxy

Available:  - a computer with Linux with access to the Internet through a transparent http proxy;  - a server where you can run an arbitrary program. It is required that the computer has Internet via the server (if the server can be dispensed with, the better) and jabber, ssh and many other things that need specific ports and a permanent connection can be used. What solutions exist for this case? Read more

Using proxy_cache_bypass in nginx

I need to let local users go directly to the backend. Is it possible to do this by means of the directive proxy_cache_bypass. If so, how about the config should be? Read more

Are there any cheap or free ProxyCap analogues?

Hi. I'll be brief: ProxyCap for $ 30 - works, allowing applications that do not support SOCKS5 to work through it (Outlook etc.) Free FreeCap - not working. What to do? Are there any working analogues of proxyCap cheaper? Yes, you need under WinXP. Read more

Advise a local caching proxy server (win7)

There is a problem - not very fast internet. That is at the same time comfortable to use it and listen to music or watch videos is quite difficult. Since the music is often repeated, it would be cool to cache it. In particular, the solution under win7 is of interest. Google recommends HandyCache, but he refused to cope with his function (if anyone has the experience of taming it under win7, I will be very grateful). Read more

L2TP + GRE over OpenVPN?

Hi. In company A there is a corporate proxy server, there is no direct access to the Internet. There is, of course, a ssh & socks5 tunnel through the aforementioned proxy, well, it obviously does not help here. HTTPS and proxy CONNECT methods are allowed. Task: through this proxy of company A, connect to another corporate VPN of company B. VPN is connected via L2TP & GRE, connection is possible only from corporate laptop of company B, which can be physically connected to comp... Read more

About the cloud proxy server?

Are there any services that allow redirecting user requests, wherever they are, from myself, to my web server? And give the user the generated content — i.e. just drive traffic back and forth? I, in turn, will have to register only the IP of this server and bind it to the domain, in DNS. Or if anyone knows - a way to quickly set up such servers. And the price of the question is also interesting to know. Read more

How to replace ISA Server?

Used as a proxy, for distribution of the Internet to end users and restrictions. Users filter by ip and NTLM. I look aside squid and 3proxy. Read more and 3proxy

Actually, I'm trying to configure the client to work through 3proxy. But not working. client displays a connection error. Through the browser, all connections work fine. I tried both socks and http port in client lastfm. The error gets out only with http, while socks doesn't get out at all and does not work. OC - ​​debian, 3proxy config:  /usr/local/3proxy# cat 3proxy.cfg #!/usr/local/bin/3proxy # Yes, 3proxy.cfg can be executable, in this case you should plac... Read more

Proxy on Android

Comrades, I was tormented for a long time and bought an access point in my WiFi cabinet, but ... I didn’t find any options to configure a proxy in my Android device. How to be? What can help, except for additional software on the BB? Read more

Prompt a simple proxy server under Linux

From the requirements: ACL access. the ability to create accounts with login / pass for different users; ability to limit speed; easy setup; preferably in the repositories / np or at least just deb-packages; monster SQUID I do not want to put Read more

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