Good books on Oracle (DBA, PL / SQL) judging by your experience?

Interested in the list of references for which studied Oraklists. At the moment there is a huge amount of both paper and electronic literature and from this mass it is very difficult to choose really good material. Advise good in your opinion and experience books on DBA (Ora 10g) and PL / SQL They also advise you to watch Oracle video courses from Puskas and Mironchik. Read more

Asus Eee PC 1001 PX Does Oracle9i (10g) Survive?

I would like to ask the experts. Does Asus Eee PC 1001 PX Survive Oracle9i (10g)? The situation is that the database is always at hand, and for this purpose I think to buy a netbook. Will this buggy buggy / slow down on this netbook ZY I grabbed the 1001PX because the price was fine. Read more

and in general is already everything or can we hope that it will come to life?

actually tried to register there yesterday, but it didn't work out :( ps and what other similar services are there and to be fully supported by NetBeans, like Read more

Fail Over Cluster on Windows Server 2008r2 and Oracle Fail Safe Manager

The task was to install the project on Fail Safe Cluster on the following tools: Windows Server 2008 (already configured Fail Over two-node cluster) and Oracle 11g2 Standard Edition One. As far as I understand, the Fail Over OS level should deal with the start and stop of the necessary services. Why then does Oracle provide a special utility Fail Safe Manager? Do I need to install a utility for the database? Strictly speaking, I have already installed the utility on the nodes, but did no... Read more

Oracle, .NET and the mistake of the client of

The developer machine is VS2010 and Oracle Developer Tools. On the test .net framework only. The library Oracle.DataAccess.dll from ODT is added to the references and is copied along with the compiled application to the test machine. If the library is not copied, the expected response occurs:  System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembl y 'Oracle.DataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f 429c47342' or one of its dependencies. The located assem... Read more

Location of parts of a distributed database

Please tell us how they optimize the location of parts of a distributed database? More or less ready-made software products and examples of problem solving are of interest. Ie, for example: There are several connected servers for a distributed database throughout the country, which are also clients of this database. There are many tables in the database. There are statistics on requests from customers to specific tables. There is some cost of storing data on a specific server. Ther... Read more

Prompt a good tutorial on Oracle

It’s time to start learning Oracle DBMS and immediately the question arose which book would you recommend to study from 0 for beginners and preferably in Russian. Read more

HELP: How to work with large amounts of data? Oracle or Mysql?

There is a mysql database, innodb has a table of 120 million rows and somehow everything works fine. I wrote a procedure, the cursor iterates through a part of data (1 million) from a large table, for each record it makes 10 simple queries on index keys to the same table, if the condition passes, then an entry is inserted into another table (on average 1 time in 200 records) . The first 1000 entries are smart, then slower, slower and slower ... I still do not understand what is the slowdo... Read more

Example of a distributed database, where the connection between the server and the data is not obvious

Can you give me an example of a system where the use of the distributed database will be effective. In addition to: 1. The binding of specific data to a specific server was not obvious For example, in the database of patients of a large network of clinics with branches in many cities - the binding is obvious, since it is most effective to store data about the Murmansk patient on the Murmansk server, and not on the Ryazan one. 2. Servers must be remote from each other so that the time fo... Read more

Migrating from MS SQL Server to Oracle?

Please advise software for migration of a database from MS SQL Server 2005 to Oracle 11. Yes, I know that I would need to rewrite everything with pens in a good way, but since there is a non-metrically stored procedure in T-SQL consisting of a solid bydlokod and not enough time interested in the possibility of fast migration in automatic mode, without regard to performance degradation, etc. Interested in the ability to migrate the entire database - tables, data, functions, procedures, views, ... Read more

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