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Good software for project management + bugtracker + version control?

Immediately I warn you that I watched a lot of things, both online services and offline applications, while I stopped at Trac + a couple of plug-ins. It would be nice for everyone, but there is no possibility to do multi-level tasks (i.e. there is a certain common task, and there are subtasks within it) or tickets. Too flat scheme is obtained, not for complex projects. Read more

How not to work overtime?

The question is simply formulated: “How not to work overtime?”, But here, as they say, two in one. The first side of the question. What to do if you, as an employee, got into the team, where it is customary to recycle? For example, in Sberbank, an IT employee who leaves earlier than half past seven may be left without a serious premium and fall into disfavor with his superiors. How to deal with such processing? With that, it is simply impossible for a person to quit (any circumstances). ... Read more

What software for security testing is optimal in terms of price / performance ratio?

Perhaps you are already using some tool to test the security of web applications and can recommend it? Read more

What type of process presentation do you find most convenient for project management?

Small and medium projects are interested in - Gantt chart - block diagram -Linear text (similar to setting tasks in Trac or Jira) -All in the head -Use a whiteboard with markers By the way, not only the opinion of the managers themselves, but also the performers are interested. Read more

Engine for project management and bug tracking?

Please tell me a system for managing a small link (web service development) with integrated bug tracking. It is desirable free and on the php / mysql platform. Read more

Prompt the open analogue of Megaplan (PM)

Open interest. Preferably, the most similar system of project management (and tasks). As well as adding tasks to employees. I read the reviews, I tried a dozen systems (both proprietary and open), so far I liked the megaplan the most. Read more

Tasks \ bugs in a project management system?

How necessary are the values ​​of priority and progress (value from 0% to 100%) for the task (task) in the PM system? In the "classic" systems, they are used, in the basecamp from 37signals there is nothing like that. Read more

Prompt software (SaaS) for project management

I went through, probably, from about two dozen. I would be very grateful if someone tells you the right one. Necessary features: + Ticket system, where tickets can be created both by employees (internal) and customers (public). + Opportunity to see the big picture of several projects, without switching to a different project each time. + Source control (Git / Mercurial / SVN / any) with good privilege sharing and ticket integration. + Ability to configure automatic Deploy from sour... Read more

Alternatives to basecamp

Advise a free project management system. Interested in systems with a similar functionary like a basecamp and more. What do you use yourself and why? UPD: revised all the proposed options and none came up properly. In the case of free plans they are too limited, the redmin needs to put a pile of plug-ins and it is not known if they are necessary. I came across absolutely free and open source, offering both SaaS and the ability to download and install on a server. Of the... Read more

What books about development techniques (agile?) And management, planning can you recommend?

Actually, the subject. With minor clarifications: preferably in Russian and with the availability of the printed version. Something like an “introductory course” is needed. And it is better if one of you can advise several books on the topic with the division into “this is for a start,” and “this is more serious.” Thanks in advance :) Read more

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