How to sort letters in GMail by the amount of attachments?

Hi. I have a problem: the GMail box runs out of space (yes, I managed to use all 7.5 GB). Tell me how to sort letters in the GMail web interface by date and volume of attachments in order to erase the oldest and largest ones? I tried to solve the problem using IMAP and Opera Mail, but the volume of attachments is not visible until the letter is viewed. And in general, I would like to solve the problem without a separate email client. Read more

Is there an extension for Chrome

Is there one that stretches the left column in Gmail to the width I need? Read more

Gmail for the site (Google Apps) sends spam. How to fight?

Suddenly, letters of the type Mail Delivery System with a Sender field of the form *** fell into the mailbox The site has Gmail from Google Apps, a free package. In the list of existing mailboxes @ mailboxes of the form *** I do not observe. Passwords for all existing mail users @ changed. I do not observe the result. Tell me where to look, what actions to take? Thank! Read more

GMail Mail, Calendar, & amp; Contacts sync?

Hello! The iPhones and iPads configured on link work fine on a simple Exchange desktop through the server. But, unfortunately, neither Apple Mail nor MS Outlook want to work in this way. Tell me what the problem is. Read more

Banned ip mail server in gmail?

For youth and inexperience on the smtp server, during the day, the relay was opened without authorization (I can already see how you smile :)). During this time, we were well through and gmail was banned by IP. Letters there simply do not reach. Can someone suggest solutions to this problem besides changing the ip address of the server. Is it possible to talk with Google's support or something else? Thank you in advance. Read more

Synchronization of notes with a gmail account on iOS 4.1

After updating iPhone 3 to iOS 4.1, the function to synchronize notes with the gmail account disappeared. Is there any way to fix this moment and return everything as it was in 4.0.x? Read more

Organization of work with e-mail

I have a domain, hosting with mail. I want: from any computer to see both incoming and sent messages. The first ones are visible with the help of any web interface, and how to make the messages sent from the email client go to the Sent Items folder on the server, i.e. so that I can see the letters sent from any machine? It’s not ready to go completely to the web interface, because I often work offline, and I have to keep the correspondence in front of my eyes. If gmail or i.mail these ... Read more

What desktop mailer is best in harmony with GMail?

In connection with the temporarily poor connection (you have to use the “basic HTML” interface in GMail), you started thinking about how to use an email client in the old days. What is the best friend of GMail IMAP? Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail (although, I use GNOME, I wouldn’t want to follow a KDE search engine (how can I use it), Claws, or maybe The Bat? First of all, I would like it to correctly understand GMail labels (for example, did not consider them independent non-overlapping folde... Read more

How to transfer contacts from Google Mail to Yandex.Mail?

Considering the fact that whenever I export contacts from Google and import them into Yandex, 90% are empty. Once again, export and import is performed according to all the rules of Yandex and it is Yandex itself that is buggy. Who faced this problem and how did it solve it? Read more

Notification of a new mail via Google Calendar?

Is it possible to somehow implement the notification of a new mail on Gmail through Google Calendar sms-notifications? Read more

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