wordpress does not send notifications

Installed on wordpress, indicated in the settings that when new comments appear it should always send a notification about this to the admin mail - it does not send. Googled, read that this happens when the hosting does not create an address like wordpress @ domain_site, created - does not send. Googled, read about Configure SMTP that solves this problem, installed, drove in the settings of the box - does not send. In the same Configure SMTP, instead of the default smtp-address, i... Read more

Can I use the free basic package from Google for a small company?

There is such an offer from Google Question: If I have a small company for 2-4 people, can I use it for free without buying a professional package? I choose between them and the offer from Yandex Read more

Is the statement fair: Is the mail on your domain tied to Google apps less vulnerable than yandex, mail / etc?

Tormented question. I think it is more closed from hacking. Because to hack mail, you must first take the domain. But I would like to hear the opinion of the pros. Read more

Unexpected way to insert inline images in letters?

I received a newsletter on gmail the other day and saw the pictures right away, without any “Show pictures” there and for some reason I looked surs. I thought that there was an ordinary attachment with Content-Disposition: inline and links to it in the body of the letter. But I saw something else. Attached images were designed as follows: Copy Source | Copy HTML Content-Type: image / jpeg; name = image.jpg Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename ... Read more

Mail domains aliases and forgotten password recovery form

Hello, do you think you should take into account mail domain aliases (if you can call them that), such as: @ == @ @ == @  and others. For example, when a user requests a forgotten password and enters an e-mail with the domain, although this user is registered with the box (and such a box is listed in the database for the user).  That is, is it worth it when a user enters an e-mail that has such a comparability of domains... Read more

HMailServer and redirecting mail to yourself through an external smtp?

I stumbled upon one non-critical problem and would like to know if there are ways to solve it. There is hMailServer and an account [email protected] There is a mailbox on of a type: [email protected] The mailbox on has a redirection to the [email protected] account (i.e., all the letters that have arrived to are forwarded to the box on my server). Settings hMailServer is not critical differ from the standard. Those. delivery rules are the same as in the standard configur... Read more

Informing about the successful connection of a PPPoE client on FreeBSD?

There is a server on FreeBSD, going to the Internet via PPPoE. When connected, he is issued an honest IP address, but each time is different. I screwed the DynDNS client inadyn and everything seems to be normal, but for some reason once in ten inadyn does not work and the server remains unavailable until the next reconnection (or even reboot). Is it possible to send a PPPoE connection notification to the soap every time at the time of connection? Naturally, what would this alert contain the re... Read more

What is the best way to send notifications from php?

What is the best way to send letters: through mail () or external smtp (google / yandex)? Notification will be quite a lot. Probably every minute or more. Read more

Is there a universal free email to sms gateway in nature using Google Calendar API?

Greetings. I saw online services that allow you to send free SMS to mobile numbers using the Google Calendar API. But I could not find such an implementation that would allow sending a very small amount of SMS when a letter is received at a specific address, regardless of the operator, using, for example, Google Calendar. Have you met this by chance? P.S. I guess it would be easy to write for myself, but, alas, not a programmer, and there is no commercial interest - you just need... Read more

Tell me how to send a newsletter to PHP

There is a list of subscribers for which the letter is formed and sent. What do you recommend using for sending to a large number of subscribers? - not suitable sends a letter very slowly and loads the server. In the letter there are pictures they need to also be sent. Read more

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