How to hide the statusbar in the vlc player?

It makes your eyes hurt and does not need you at all Read more

Why does call-transfer not work by pressing flash on the AP1100F?

Voice Gateway AddPac VoiceFinder AP1100F. Communicates with a SIP proxy provider. When you click on FLASH short beeps go right away. With D-Link, such problems do not arise (on the same line, with the same account). A piece of config responsible for call-transfer settings: dial-peer call-transfer h<br/> dial-peer call-hold n<br/> dial-peer call-pickup * Read more

Two monitors - on one flash-video on fullscreen ..?

... how to make sure that when you click on the second monica, fullscreen disappears on the first (Win7)? Thank! Read more

Flash or AJAX Web IRC client

Advise a working solution. One of the basic requirements is the ability to work with servers encoded in Windows-1251. Perhaps some of you have any ideas you can share. I watched in Google - there is qwebirc, which for several reasons did not suit us, the lightirc of which the code is closed, and at the same time it cannot digest the specified encoding. Thank. Read more

What codec is needed to play FLV (Codec Packs, players with embedded codecs and ffdshow are not interested)?

What codec is needed to play FLV (Codec Packs, players with embedded codecs and ffdshow are not interested)? Read more

Flash & amp; ActionScript: where to start?

There is a desire to learn Flash and Actionscript. Current skills - PHP, Bash, SQL ... Tell me, please, where to start, what to read - and what kind of software is needed? Read more

Prompt the best tool for implementing an Internet project

Task: Educational Internet project. Quite a lot of graphics and reactions to user actions, while the main algorithms are executed on the server, the user profile and his training successes are also stored there. 1. Is Flash the best implementation option? 2. If the project succeeds, I would like to be able to take into account the high load on the server (hundreds of hits per second), although theoretically you can certainly raise several servers. However, what effective mechanisms on the se... Read more

Chrome OS on flash (not everything is so simple)

I saw a lot of instructions on how to install this miracle on your pen drive, but did not find information on chrome registration in GRUB4DOS. The fact is that I have a hornbeam on the flash drive and a lot of different useful distributors ... I tried to blur the image of chrome - when I downloaded the “unknown image format”. I tried to open it with UltraISO - an unknown format ... What is this miracle image, and can it be crammed onto a USB flash drive along with a hornbeam? Thanks in advance, ... Read more

several sections on a flash drive

you need to split the flash drive into 3 or more partitions, so that in windows they are recognized as three flash devices ... (like three flash drives) way to replace the driver does not fit Read more

Prompt flash gallery, with the possibility of zoom

A gallery is needed with the possibility of zooming the image and navigating through it. At the moment, I found a lot with different effects, but without a zoom, and where there is a zoom, this is basically something like an engine for panoramic photos and they are designed for only one image. Read more

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