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Is it possible to buy PS3 Slim US

in Russia? Actually, subject. The problem is that I may soon be going to another country, where the network is not 220 volts, but only 110. The US version should work in America and Europe, but the Russian version, only in the second. Read more

Cutting audio files in Linux?

Hello everyone. There is a need to cut an audio file (wav) - remove a piece of a certain temporary length at the beginning of the file and at the end in Linux from the console. I want to loosen the script for this - so that everything is done on its own, but I don’t know the softphone that can cut in the console = ( Read more

Opensource Tamagotchi?

For an original startup, it took the time to implement the Tamagotchi game. Does anyone know such in opensource? Also open for cooperation proposals from the authors of the projects. Read more

Dingoo A320 or Gemei A330 or GP2X Caanoo?

In the light of a recent topic about link this question has matured. I was late for the sale, but I’m ready to give up my money in exchange for such a gadget. It remains only to find out what to take. I see the situation like this: For Dingoo there is a lot of emulators, there is Dingux, but at the same time, Gemei has better hardware, a bigger screen, and the price is even lower in places (on the same pickegg). And then there is a certain GP2X Caanoo - a device that costs more, but judgin... Read more

HTPC + game console [+ NAS] on the basis of Beagleboard

decided to assemble itself such a triplet for the house, preferably on the basis of ARM, because, like dimensions, noise, the temperatures of x86-like are not encouraging. I found such a motherboard, like beagleboard, it seems to fit on all fronts (except for SATA, but it can be solved), I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything, can someone tell me the obvious problems I’ll face? Read more

C # Intercepting the output of a running console application

In “real time” I am trying to get the output of a console application running from my program. Tried OutputDataReceived, to no avail - the event occurs only after the console window is closed. How to be? o_O rummaged Google's floor already ... Code: Amendment: on the test program, which simply lines the console to the console - everything is ok. on Python script compiled in exe - empty, only after closing the console fireit event ... maybe this is the case, ... Read more

Synchronization methods in online games?

Good Afternoon% USERNAME%. There is a desire to learn how to fully write multiplayer games. It does not matter what language. Need a theory. With the rest, everything is clear, but everything is bad with the synchronization methods. What methods are used in modern games? What method is used, for example, in kazualke TeeWorlds? Oh yeah, let the genre be a platformer. Read more

How best to buy xbox 360 slim in Ukraine?

I want to purchase a subject with a kinekt in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. What is the best way to do it - order from our stores or from abroad? Thank you for your help. Read more

Xbox360 and Zyxel

router Hi% Habrowser. I bought an xbox360 4gb slim console. I'm trying to connect him with my Zyxel NBG334W EE router, but the Xbox just doesn't see it, but sees a bunch of others. Someone familiar with this problem? I read that there are problems with the Zyxel line for the Xbox ... Read more

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