Is it possible to buy PS3 Slim US

in Russia? Actually, subject. The problem is that I may soon be going to another country, where the network is not 220 volts, but only 110. The US version should work in America and Europe, but the Russian version, only in the second. Read more

DLNA server for Linux without GUY

In connection with the purchase of PS3, I would like to set up a media server on the home server (Debian Squeeze) that could broadcast video and preferably audio from the server to the console. Googling, I learned that this is possible by the standard DLNA. Since there are no X's on the server, I would like something like a demon. Who faced, advise? Read more

Ability to play PS3 against PC?

I've been playing games bought through Steam for a couple of years now. Comrade plays on PS3. Task: Fight in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with each other. Is it possible to play on the same server from different platforms? Read more

Lawyers or the law on the RFP?

December 26 last year, passed the PS3 game console to the Sony service center in Voronezh. Within two months, the center's specialists answered (by phone) - we are waiting for the console to come from Moscow. February 26 - a specialist from there also said that there was still no sending to Moscow. To a reasonable question "why," they answered that they tried to fix it on their own, but nothing happened. March 1 will be send. The drive is broken, it is not difficult to determine without diagnosi... Read more

PS3 jailbreak 3.56 Possible?

Hello, I ask for the help of those who know (because the google does not give reliable answers) Is it possible to make a jailbreak for ps3 3.56 today? Many instructions are not credible. Yes, and there is a fake (as they wrote on a forum) and if there is, share a verified link Read more

Xbox 360 or PS3?

Hello everyone. I absolutely do not understand anything in consoles, I have never dealt with them. But there was an opportunity to buy a prefix cheaper in America through a friend and I do not know what to choose. The answer from me is being piped in the evening. Who is in the topic - can you please the main pros / cons and pitfalls of each of the consoles. I would be very grateful. Read more

Software Development for PlayStation 3

Is there a development for PS3 in Habré? I have a question: how can you develop applications (not necessarily games, but maybe a browser or special scientific tasks, but with the possibility of subsequent firmware updates !!!)? What is needed, how much is it? Read more

Which console is better to buy if you need an advanced analogue of the Wii?

The main goal - "sports games", on the move. Other types of games (such as Battlefield 3 on the net) are very rare. Read more

Как настроить PS3 на нормальную скорость download'a?

Здравстуйте! Купил PS3 и никак не могу понять в чём проблема download с ps store. Сам канал 30 мегабит, скачивает со стора со скоростью мегабайт в 20-30 минут. Подключена приставка к роутеру, роутер в режиме совместимости (bgn), все остальные девайсы нормально качают, но PS никак не хочет скачивать с нормлаьной скоростью (один раз докачалась демка, и стала повреждённым файлом). Кто сталкивался, помогите пожалуйста. Заранее благодарю. Read more

Как включить компьютер не залезая под стол?

Надоело каждый раз нагибаться и искать на ощупь кнопку включения на системном блоке. * Включение с клавиатуры не получится — клавиатура работает через Bluetooth, а единственная PS/2 клавиатура которая меня устраивала (BTC 6300CL) уже не производится. * Wake On Lan — это интересно, но чтобы с моего смартфона включить компьютер, мне надо сделать около 6-7 движений чтобы разблокировать его, найти нужную программу и в итоге запустить компьютер. Неужели человечество еще не придумало ничего для р... Read more

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