SPF-record. Embed or not?

Greetings to all. I continue my cycle "Ideas for Habr." I remind you that I administer this site at a low level (server, OS, daemons and interaction of all this) and I’m quite interested in the opinions of my colleagues who have practical experience using what is indicated in the post topic. So far everything has been going on quite sluggishly, but I have already gathered some useful information. Previous questions:  link  link This time the question revolves around the postal ... Read more

Whole Internet in OpenSPF?

In SpamAssassin, SPF_PASS has long been overcome for + all in SPF. However, spammers found a remedy against this, asking the entire Internet in four pieces / 2, for example: v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: -all Question: how to overcome this? I tried to google this question, but immediately there is nothing worthwhile, or I could not find the right words. It is possible to read the source, but lazily, especially if someone has alread... Read more

List-Unsubscribe and the gmail web interface

Good day! We plan to send mailing partners, decided to take advice from the following post habrahabr.ru/blogs/google/101440/ and use the List-Unsubscribe header. But when sending a letter to spam, unsubscribing does not occur, there is no dialogue with the proposal to unsubscribe, the letter just goes to spam. There was a following question, is this article relevant? If anyone knows a mailing list with this header and correct processing of gmail, please give a link. I would also be grateful ... Read more

SPF record for domain with mail on Masterhost?

Domain uses mail from Masterhost. How to technically correctly add an SPF record for a domain? What is the recording format? TP MX can not answer for a day. Read more

mail.ru: Received-SPF: fail and X-Mru-BL

I set up a system for sending notifications. Made PTR, SPF, DKIM. But mail on mail.ru persistently swears at Received-SPF: fail and X-Mru-BL: -1: -1: -1: -1: -1 somehow alarmingly. From [email protected] Wed Mar 28 18:21:35 2012 Return-path: & lt; [email protected]> Authentication-Results: dkim = pass, [email protected] Received-SPF: fail Received: from [] (port = 51067 helo = actionlist.ru)  by mx92.mail.ru with esmtp (envelope-from & lt; ... Read more

What is the output if DKIM is not supported by the hoster?

Good afternoon! I use software for organizing newsletters and faced with the fact that a lot of letters fall into SPAM. Found on the Internet a solution that says that you need to configure DKIM and SPF. There are no problems with SPF. But DKIM hoster said he did not support. I would like to understand what are the ways to reduce the number of letters falling into SPAM? Is SPF record enough or is DKIM extremely obligatory? In one of those he saw that they sent out 30,000 letters using only ... Read more

Google App and Sendmail: Why doesn't the mail go?

Hello, The mail server has been configured for Gmail by Google Apps. There was a need to configure SPF and DKIM checking of outgoing mail from the server, generated by scripts via php mail and sendmail. It turned out to be configured only by raising the mail server on the local machine. Mail goes, comes, passes checks. But if the script sends the letter to the internal mailing address (one of the created ones), then sendmail sends it to the local machine, and not to Gmail. DNS are configured... Read more

How to set up a SPF domain record to send email through Mandrill?

Hello. For my domain I use mail at the registrar. The registrar's instructions indicated how to set up an SPF record. Accordingly, I added it and it looks like this: "v = spf1 redirect = _spf.mailhostbox.com" I need to use https://mandrill.com/ to send mail and at the same time use the standard capabilities of the mailbox - to receive letters, send them using the Mail client. In documentation https://mandrill.com/ there is about setting SPF records:  help.mandrill.com/entries/22030056-ho... Read more

Two domains, one MAIL server, how to make friends with Google's spam filter?

On one server there are two projects on different domains: nashitut.ru energosi.ru After a week of wandering around the forums and documentation Google, set up as follows: The SPF, DKIM, DMARC records - google all of them are tested and the verdict is PASS (both domains). MX records for both domains are shared - mail.energosi.ru PTR record - mail.energosi.ru mxtoolbox - all options with green check marks. However, Google Mail puts the letters in SPAM, although all checks have been pass... Read more

How not to get into SPAM?

Good day to developers and system administrators. Recently, emails sent from my server to hotmail.com simply did not reach recipients. Even spam letters do not come. I would like to know what needs to be done in order not to fall into SPAM at all and that letters always reach recipients? SPF, DKIM, what else do you need? PRT also need it? I have a situation like this at the moment, I have a company.com and a personal account for a client at my-personal-area-company.com And here I send ... Read more

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