SPF-record. Embed or not?

Greetings to all. I continue my cycle "Ideas for Habr." I remind you that I administer this site at a low level (server, OS, daemons and interaction of all this) and I’m quite interested in the opinions of my colleagues who have practical experience using what is indicated in the post topic. So far everything has been going on quite sluggishly, but I have already gathered some useful information. Previous questions:  link  link This time the question revolves around the postal ... Read more

Exim4 + Debian Lenny = I? P? P? I? I? with customization?

Hi everyone, help me figure out how to set the encoding when sending emails! Here is what I send: mail ('[email protected]', 'My Subject mo message', $ message); Here is a line from the header of the incoming letter: Subject: My Subject РјРѕ СЃРѕРѕР ± С РµРЅРёРµ and here is what comes: Subject: My Subject pn I pn pn I pn p Read more

How to change the IP for sending mail via php mail ()?

Good afternoon, dear community, There is such a problem: apache is installed on the server (debian) and the site on a specific IP (hereinafter IP2) is hanging on it. A total of 2 IPs are configured on the server (hereafter IP1 and IP2). In / etc / network / interfaces, IP1 is listed as eth0, and IP2 as eth0: 0. Through the site (which works on IP2) mail () sends mail. In the header of the incoming mail there is such a line: Received: from www-data by mail.XXXXXX.com with local (Exim ... Read more

What to study to raise mail?

Situation: there is an OS, Debian. Objective: make a mail server (POP3, SMTP) + web interface. Maybe someone has a link to some work manuals? I tried to do it according to the manuals I found myself (Exim + Dovecot), but it didn’t work out that way. The maximum that I could do was to send a message that got into Gmail spam. Tell me where to start, and what to read? Manuals for Exim or Postfix do not offer, you need a brief description for the development of the service. PS: And which i... Read more

Who can help with Exim / Postfix?

Hello everyone. Who can find a few hours of his free time and help with the basic setting-installation of MTA Exim or Postfix? The ultimate goal is to normally send letters from scripts on the site through your own server. Or, at least, who can help in advising (in question-answer mode via Skype or ICQ)? Installing mailers on the "Mail from scratch" manual did not bring the desired effect. Thank. Read more

exim4 vs gmail smtp vs gmail FROM field

Hello. I configured Exim as MTA on vds to send mail via gmail smtp. (I use several addresses on the same domain in google apps). He didn’t make any special corrections, he added only this:  gmail_login: driver = plaintext public_name = LOGIN client_send = : [email protected] : mypassword Everything works, but there is one nuance: In the FROM field, the address of [email protected] is always shown, despite the fact that I clearly indicate another address in the scrip... Read more

Exim, Google Apps & amp; Unroutable address

Hi, Habr. There is the following situation. There is a domain, let's call it example.com with mail, which is served by Google Apps. There is a second domain, secondexample.com, service (for internal purposes). There was a need to send mail from example.com with the same domain. For this, the following was done:  dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config “Internet site” is selected, domain name is entered, relay for other domains is prohibited, and SMTP is open only for localhost, everything ... Read more

The problem with sending mail from the domain on which Google MXy

Greetings, there is a domain (domain.com) associated with the dedik on which the EXIM server is installed. MX records on the domain indicate google. # host domain.com domain.com has address ip.ip.ip.ip domain.com mail is handled by 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. domain.com mail is handled by 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. domain.com mail is handled by 5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. You need to send mail from Dedik. But there is a problem - it does not come to some addresses (on different ho... Read more

Exim and port for sending mail

It was necessary to add on the server one more port, different from the 25th. It would seem simple: exim.conf daemon_smtp_port But where is this exim.conf? Google throws up his hands. The head after three days stumbles upon such simple questions. Everything is complicated by the fact that Centos, and I am accustomed to Debian.  uname -mrs Linux 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5.028stab079.2 i686 Will you tell?  # exim -bV Exim version 4.69 #1 built 30-Sep-2008 18:26:35 Copyright © University... Read more

Speed ​​of queuing Exim via php mail (...)

I use my own script for conducting mass mailings on php. Previously, mailings were performed a little, but now there is a need to accelerate a significant increase in volumes. I did a lot of measurements - the speed of the mail (...) function execution varies from 0.07 to 2.9 with the average = 0.87, i.e. a little more letters per second, but you need to bring to something like 20 letters / sec. Letter size is average = 62020 characters, but letters of 1 character are sent at the same spee... Read more

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