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SPF-record. Embed or not?

Greetings to all. I continue my cycle "Ideas for Habr." I remind you that I administer this site at a low level (server, OS, daemons and interaction of all this) and I’m quite interested in the opinions of my colleagues who have practical experience using what is indicated in the post topic. So far everything has been going on quite sluggishly, but I have already gathered some useful information. Previous questions:  link  link This time the question revolves around the postal ... Read more

Sendmail for Windows

Once upon a time I met a program, now I can't find it. It works as a local mail server, but does not send all “sent” mail, but simply opens it in a separate window. It was very convenient to test mail sent from the site during development. Maybe someone knows the name? Read more

Stress test for mail server?

Hello. Can you please tell me how to test mailers? Now there is an urgent need to check the mailer for endurance, on a certain hardware, and with a certain software. I would like to know if it will glue the flippers under load. Thanks in advance for your answers. Thanks Read more

Deploying an IMAP mail server

There is a domain for a startup site. In business cards I would like to write a beautiful email address, such as name @ my_domain. At the same time, I would like to work comfortably with the mail, through the opera, and sometimes through a simple web interface (well, there sometimes comes from the cafe or from the phone). Can someone write an article on how to implement this (server on linux). By the way, is it possible to use one domain for two servers? For example, on one server, the startup s... Read more

The problem with sending mail from the domain on which Google MXy

Greetings, there is a domain ( associated with the dedik on which the EXIM server is installed. MX records on the domain indicate google. # host has address ip.ip.ip.ip mail is handled by 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. mail is handled by 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. mail is handled by 5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. You need to send mail from Dedik. But there is a problem - it does not come to some addresses (on different ho... Read more

MTA on Linux, how?

I wanted to ask, can anyone know what kind of ready-made Mail server solutions on Linux? Well, that is, you take and unfold. As for example, for storage there is a FreeNAS isoshnik. BSD is true, but not the point. That is, you take, install and here's a ready POP / IMAP / SMTP with the ability to pick up an arbitrary number of domains. ps Zadolbalsya already twist the MTA each time from postfixes, cirrus, sasley and other things. Read more

problems with the delivery of e-mail correspondence

Almost a month ago, we moved to Yandex mail for domains, prescribed mx MX 10 No other MX records but still some of the emails come to google apps old mail. Here's how to understand this?) Read more

Settings for mail on

The clients had mail on, now the domain has moved to our DNS, but we were told about the mail just now. Can anyone tell me what MX you need to specify in order for the post to remain there? Another desirable A record for pop3 and smtp ... Read more

Classification of mail servers?

I have a question in a peculiar form. What analogies in the world of mail servers can you give about the world of web servers? For example, what is the mainstream (apache2), which is quite light and functional (nginx, lighttpd), and what is it viewed with suspicion? (IIS) I want to know such a terrible thing as the administration of the mail server, but I do not know which one is suitable for this. I would like to “analog” nginx :) Read more

Which Cisco router to choose or other options?

We have:  - Main office. Network of up to 50 computers with access to the Internet through a proxy. Network on Active Directory.  - Several remote offices on 3-5 computers with direct access to the Internet.  - Mail server on the Internet. What I want:  - Buy a Cisco router. Help with a choice. Or the option is to put a separate machine (or virtual on XEN) with * nix (CentOS or FreeBSD?) And use iptables and openVPN.  - Connect remote offices to the central office network via VPN and... Read more

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