Debian squeeze / Gnome - is the graphical interface dying?

About a year ago I ran into a problem: at any random moment, the graphical interface simply stops responding to input devices. All applications continue to work, messages arrive in IM, pop-up windows appear, it’s interesting that the cursor moves with the mouse, but nothing can be done. I sit and watch. A few months ago, it was decided to switch to the next desktop and back (Ctrl + Alt + to the right). Now, even this does not help (although the problem began to occur much less frequently - on... Read more

Inertial scrolling, linux, X

Tortured me inertial scrolling on the touchpad. I want advice on how to disable it in Xorg configs (I did not find the corresponding GUI in LXDE), the directive responsible for this function is more interesting. Touchpad Synaptics. Thank you in advance. Read more

Open ATI drivers (xf86-video-ati), r600 (HD4290) and 3D acceleration?

Re-read link, thought, tried to put. Worth: [ebuild R ] x11-libs/libdrm-2.4.24 USE=&quot;libkms -static-libs&quot; VIDEO_CARDS=&quot;radeon -intel -nouveau -vmware&quot; 0 kB<br/> [ebuild R ] media-libs/mesa-7.10.1 USE=&quot;classic gallium nptl -debug -gles -hardened -llvm -motif -pic (-selinux)&quot; VIDEO_CARDS=&quot;radeon -intel -mach64 -mga -nouveau -r128 -savage -sis -tdfx -via -vmware&quot; 0 kB <br/> [ebuild R ] x11-base/xorg-server-1.9.4.... Read more

Font size in X11: DPI dependency on video driver. Why did they do that?

It was: driver "nv"  425-[ 58.043] (II) NV(0): Modeline "320x175"x85.3 15.75 320 336 368 416 175 191 192 222 doublescan +hsync -vsync (37.9 kHz) ... 426:[ 58.043] (==) NV(0): DPI set to (96, 96) It became: driver "nvidia",  [ 25650.812] (--) NVIDIA(0): DPI set to (123, 121); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config For what, generally, historically, it is supposed to choose DPI depending on which line is registered in the X configuration for selecting the video ... Read more

Problems with a laptop under Ubuntu Linux 11.10

The other day I bought myself a MSI GE620DX-285XRU laptop as a replacement for an old HP, moreover a very tasty filling was offered at a price of 26k rubles - Intel Core i5-2410M, NV GF 555M with 2 gigabytes of dedicated memory , 4 gigabytes of RAM and LED-matrix, a full-fledged keyboard with island-type keys, a dedicated digital block, and even without an OS crammed with crapworm. In general, almost the dream of a linuksoid (gloss, his mother spoils the whole impression). Well, I naturally ... Read more

Как разрабатываются Windows Manager'ы под Linux?

Добрый день. Заинтересовала меня эта тема и появилось желание написать что-то очень простое для себя (примитивное, лишь с теми функциями что нужны мне и без всех этих свистоперделок). Где можно почитать об этом? Как создаются эти менеджеры? Read more

Black screen when starting mdm

I drank a lot of blood, did not know where to write the solution “for generations”. My situation - after transferring the image of the Linux Mint 14 XFCE system to another PC, the Xs stopped starting correctly. A lot of things have been tried. Total: you need to remove the file /.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml from the user's home folder Along the way, information was found that is not in Russian yet: In some cases, there is trouble, when the resolution is incorrect... Read more

How to set up scrolling an element by holding the middle mouse button in Linux Xorg?

I want to make it so that when the middle (or right) button of the mouse is held down, dragging the mouse up and down scrolls the current interface element up and down, i.e. did scrolling also as if I was pulling the scroll bar to the right. This is how scrolling works on a laptop through the touchpad with two fingers up and down, but on a full computer there is no touchpad, but I really want to scroll;) As far as I understood, you need to dig somewhere in the garden xorg xinput. In theory, t... Read more

How to rotate the screen to 90 'on the Cubian platform?

Tell me how to correctly rotate the screen to 90 'on the Cubian platform? I started picking up the xorg.conf settings, but there is no such file in this OS build, but there is a 99-sunxifb.conf file. here is its contents Section "Device" Identifier "Sunxi FBDEV" Driver "fbturbo" Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb0" Option "Rotate" "CW" #rotation support for screen in driver. can do cw, etc Option "ShadowFB" "on" Option "HWCursor" "true" Option "DRI2" "true" ... Read more

How to get rid of the spontaneous switching frequency of the monitor in Ubuntu 14.04?

in the logs: [1489.988] (II) intel (0): switch to mode [email protected] on VGA1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none [1500.892] (II) intel (0): switch to mode [email protected] on VGA1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none [1639.120] (II) intel (0): switch to mode [email protected] on VGA1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), rotation normal, reflection none [1639.343] (II) intel (0): switch to mode [email protected] on VGA1 using pipe 0, position (0, 0), ... Read more

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