Question about archiving for backup

All documents are archived in 7z without compression, but with a password and with the hiding of file names. Tell me if there is any sense in the password because the data is not compressed, but simply glued together one by one, and I think they will probably be pulled out of such an archive. Read more

Examining the backup of the site

A year ago, made a backup of the newly created site and received an archive with a backup. Now we need to prove (not to myself, of course) that the site was ready a year ago and that the backup copy clearly shows this. Please tell me: 1. Is it possible to prove the authenticity that the backup, backup copy of the site and / or the archive in the .tar.gz format was made on the very day that I claim (and that the archive is not forged); 2. Is it easy to fake the date of the backup ... Read more

Linux: Program to create information to recover a file?

Here we put there is a file X. Is there a program (console unix-style) that would analyze the X file and output some Y file (much smaller) that would contain information to restore the X file. If the X file is broken, you can use the broken X and Y file to restore the original X file using the same program. What is a standardized thread for this business? P.S. In rar, there is an analogue of what I need to "add information for recovery", but there it is recorded directly with the archive,... Read more

What is the tool to automatically backup sites?

Hi everyone) I often encounter the fact that it is necessary for the site to back up with the database, for example, every day automatically, regardless of the CMS on which it is made. If anyone found such a tool, share pliz. Ready to even pay a small price! Thank! Read more

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