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Keyboard shortcut in mc: show / hide hidden files [SOLVED]?

Prompt a keyboard shortcut (or a way to create it) to hide / display hidden files in mc. And I’ll tell you for this that the “file search” dialog can be called by pressing shift + alt +? (and the menu says M +?). Read more

Directory tint in MC 4.7.0?

Who knows how to bring back the directory tint back to Midnight Commander 4.7.0, as it was before? From above - as it was in 4.6.1, from below - in 4.7.0 Read more

Copying files through an intermediate server?

There are three machines, all running freebsd. At # 1 and # 3 there is no connection between them, but there is a connection through # 2 (the networks are different). How can I copy a very large amount of data from # 1 to # 3 using # 2? The data is measured in TB, so leaving them in between 2 # is a bad option. I tried to do it through mc on # 2, on the left side of which is a connection to # 1, and on the right side to # 3. But after a number of files, the mc constantly gives the error “No s... Read more

SFTP support in midnight commander?

The question is, is there anyone willing to test the sftp VFS plugin. it is still damp but quite efficient ... collect so git clone git: //midnight-commander.org/git/mc.git cd mc git checkout -b 1535_sftp origin / 1535_sftp autogen.sh configure --prefix = $ (pwd) / TEST make & amp; & amp; make install TEST / bin / mc after the build, an item should appear in the “SFTP link ...” menu (libssh2 library must be at least 1.2.5) Read more

How to beat the Midnight Commander blinking in Terminal.app?

On some hostings, when working through SSH in the native Makovsky terminal Midnight Commander, the colorless + pseudo-graphics are flashing. What to do? On one of the hosting sites, I won the problem with the illogical for me selection of the “declare terminal as” settings of the app itself + setting the TERM environment variable on the host + the color_terminals task in .mc / ini. Read more

Midnight Commander - some & quot; hotkeys & quot; for file panels?

In my Midnight Commander, shortcuts such as Ctrl + x, c; Ctrl + x, o, etc. The problem is visible in the screenshots: 1. My MC: < br /> 2. An example of a commander where shortcuts work and are displayed. Possible cause: I have configured the XFCE shell shortcuts. The problem continues to exist in these cases:  - demolition of all the settings of the MC and its complete reset  - demolition of all XFCE settings and loading of the default environment  - load under the root ... Read more

Mc in MacOs: alt + c?

Greetings! Recently moved to a poppy, there were some difficulties with hotkeys in mc. I use Total Terminal. Set up home, end, page up / down. But make you understand the commands alt + c; alt + x, c can not. Read more

Ubuntu 11.10 + Midnight Commander + F10, Exception for proxy?

Hello, updated to version 11.10, Unity 2D. 1 - I can not configure it so that pressing F10 works in MC as an output, and the window menu is not displayed. Who set up how? 2 - Lost function to exclude hosts from proxy. (Sox) Googled - didn't google it Thank you in advance. Read more

Terminal, Midnight Commander Keys?

One thread can explain on the fingers whether it is possible to make a normal transfer of a sequence of keystrokes to the terminal. If something else happened locally (Home, End, PgUp, PgDn), then it is not normally transmitted to the remote machine. For example, in mc, I want to send Shift-F6, and the fuck goes to know what. Even locally, I noticed that mc got Shift-F6 it is necessary to send Shift-F8. Is it possible to solve this somehow, it is better to take a ready-made scheme somewhe... Read more

How to change hotkeys in mc?

Googled, honestly. But nothing more simple than rebuilding mc did not find. Mc completely suits, but I want to redo almost all the hotkeys relating to navigation, and it is advisable to remove the command line, since it only hinders (if you accidentally press a letter on the keyboard, a command begins to be typed), because there is a mechanism for temporarily hiding mc (Ctrl + O) to access the full console. Read more

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