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NoSQL - application features

When is the use of such databases as MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis and some others justified? Does it make sense to put them instead of the classic mysql, on a site with a weak load? Are they used in conjunction with mysql, or work separately? Read more


Are there any CMS / CMF with noSQL solutions? P.S. Yes, google ... I did not find Read more

document visibility in couchapp

Is it true that in any CouchApp (i.e., an application that comes directly from couchdb without another layer), you can easily retrieve all documents of the database simply by calling example.cloudant.com/test/_all_docs, for example. And you can not protect against this? Read more

Application examples of NoSQL technologies

Most of you have heard of new non-relational data storage technologies like MongoDB, CouchDB, and others. I tried demos of these technologies. Basically, I understood the MongoDB javascript-like syntax. Can anyone give specific situations in which the use of such a database is justified? The answer can be given as a link to the article. Read more

Get the data you need in CouchDB?

How to get in CouchDB or how to properly organize to get data. We have rooms (in the hotel) with reservations: { "_id": "1(2+1)", "_rev": "1-1a4fbdf79a2da6195ba07cbf0936007f", "reservations": [ { "check_in": "2012-01-01", "check_out": "2012-01-02", "name": "BENA" }, { "check_in": "2012-01-05", "check_out": "2012-01-08", "name": "BENA" }, ... { "check_in": "2012-08-30"... Read more

Elasticsearch. Search by combined fields

Hello, Habr. I use Elasticsearch to search CouchDB. Search by name The database has an object with name fields. last, name .first, name.middle. I am looking like this:  { "query": { "bool": { "must": [ { "multi_match": { "query": "Петров Иван Сергеевич", "fields": [ "name.last", "name.first", "nam... Read more

CouchDB, Elasticsearch - a problem with the creation of the index

Hi, Habr! Help me deal with Elasticsearch. I use CouchDB, Elasticsearch and the elasticsearch-river-couchdb plugin for communication between them. There are objects with a name field of type object in the database:  { "name": { "first": "Ivan", "last": "Ivanov" } } There are also objects where the name field is of type string:  { "name":"Ivan Ivanov" } Problem: an index is created only f... Read more

CouchDB: frequent update

Good evening, Habrovchan I'm trying to screw CouchDB to one of our projects and, in principle, I am very pleased with everything. I like the fact that 100 million records, on a modest server, 8 Cores x 32GB RAM, rolls without problems. But there is one small detail  { "_id": "_design/funcs", "updates": { "addUid": "function(doc,req) { if(doc!==null) { req.body=JSON.parse(req.body); var uids=req.bod... Read more

Is there an intelligible tutorial on the bunch couchdb + c # winforms?

Or tell me the link to the source code of a non-console application on the specified subject. Read more

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