How on Android to disable one of the accounts in google?

I have mail and gtolk on the domain - they are basic and spelled out in android. but a standard gmail account is also needed, there are more features. However, when I add a regular Google account with my second account, I always find myself online on both sites, although I have been using only those on a domain for a long time. How to disable? Read more

Disable Google Talk on Android

The domain is bound to ejabberd and at the same time Google Apps is used for mail. The system asks for synchronization with the included GTalk for synchronization, temporarily turned it on and then turned it off because it conflicts with the usual gabber. Is it possible to disable the service or at least auto talk to Talk. When I do “Sign off” at the next boot it connects again and gives an authorization error At the same time, there are problems with the market when the domain service is ... Read more

Setting up transport ICQ & gt; Gtalk

I tried to configure the transport, in the end I just had a contact in gtalk that spammed me with the message “Error”. Tell me the material on this topic. Read more

Problem with ICQ transport?

Hi. I have ICQ transport bolted to Google Talk. It seems to be working fine, but at some point an incomprehensible glitch appears. If earlier, when logging out of Google Talk, logout from ICQ occurred, now, the ICQ account is always “hanging” online. Nevertheless, it works as a feature when you are not in a mess, and someone writes in ICQ, a notification comes to the post: “These messages were received while you were not online.” Who knows what it is connected with? Read more

How to change Google Talk account on Android?

I apologize, but I do not know where else to look for the answer. The bottom line: I have two accounts (two accounts) on Google, when you start Google Talk on android, the first registered one is automatically selected, how can I change it to another? Autologin is disabled, I exit GTalk, I stop the service, I launch GTalk - the first account automatically, nowhere is there a choice ... Read more

Chat for Google Talk chatback badge is a good choice?

Good day! Unfortunately, I am far from web development, so the questions are quite lame. On the website of the online store is required to tie the online chat. The functionality perfectly suits the Google Talk chatback badge: one operator is enough; integration with GTalk is necessary (not with any jabber, but with GTalk); completely satisfied with the price :) Testing has shown that the chat works far from everyone. In some browsers, the chat window does not open, in others... Read more

Advise the messenger for Windows

I am looking for a decent messenger for Windows that supports the Google Talk protocol. Support for icq and other protocols is optional. What I want: a nice interface, emoticons, normal history storage, no extra bells and whistles. Qip, miranda, google talk already tried, as it did not lay down to them soul. Read more

Habrapocht in Gtalk

Is there a way to receive messages from Habr in Gtalk and reply to them from the same place? Read more

Skype vs Gtalk, traffic consumption?

it so happened that it was located far from home. available only very expensive internet $ 150 / 10GB. interested in data on the consumption of data voice services. thanks Read more

Links from GTalk open in IE under Win 8 CP

Gentlemen guys, such garbage: on Win 8 CP, GTalk opens letters in IE, not in Chrome, which is the default in both its settings and Default programs in the Control Panel. The remaining programs open links in Chrome. On DP everything was ok. What the fuck, where to dig? In the registry where can? Read more

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