Is there a plugin in FF for working with Google.Chrome bookmarks (those stored in Google.Docs)?

In general, everything is clear from the topic, I will explain only why I use them, and not xmarks or Google.Bookmarks (this is another bookmarking mechanism for Google.Toolbar). It’s much easier for me to work with bookmarks saved in documents, for example, as far as I remember, they can be shared. I did so for myself a very convenient wishlist. Read more

Xmarks will die soon - who can replace him?

I have been using Xmarks for more than 3 years, but have just received a letter with the following content: Dear Xmarks User, <br/> We've always said we won't email you unless it's important; this is one of those occasions:<br/> Xmarks will be shutting down our free browser synchronization services on <b>January 10, 2011</b>. For details on how to transition to recommended alternatives, consult this page.<br/> For the full story behind the Xmarks shutdown, please r... Read more

How to transfer bookmarks from the Opera to Chrome?

I have been using Opera for a long time. There are a lot of bookmarks. Now he began to actively use Chrome. It is necessary to transfer the bookmarks from the Opera to Chrome. Be sure to free and preferably without web services and unnecessary registrations. Read more

Bookmarks & quot; then read & quot; under chrome

. A day can gather a dozen of links, which at a quick glance seemed interesting, and I want to read them later. What is a quick tool for Chrome, in 1 click, so that these links are saved, and then you could see them? except:  - google bookmarks and evernote  - the classic "asterisk" which puts everything in the folder Read more

How to sync Chrome profile (Win & lt; - & gt; Mac) via Dropbox?

Because Internal synchronization of Chrome (9.0.597) practically does not work for me badly (some of the bookmarks are synchronized, and some are not), then the question arose about how to synchronize the entire profile using Dropbox. And if on Win I found the profile without any problems and transferred it to the Dropbox folder, having put a symlink on it, then in Mac OS X 10.6.6 I can’t find this profile in the afternoon with fire (spotlight). I even prostrastil manually all the directories wh... Read more

Sidebar with bookmarks for firefox + port for plug-ins from version 3 to 4?

1. For a long time I am looking for a plugin - sidebar with bookmarks for ff. The idea is that there are bookmarks in the form of icons, but since the place in height does not want to be lost, it would be nice to have such a panel on the side. How, for example, you can drag the dock on the poppy. 2. I liked ff4, but the plugin I used very often is not written under it yet. Is there any port plugin (I don’t know how to call it correctly) that allows using plugins from version 3 for version 4? Read more

How to automatically tag all bookmarks in Firefox?

There are FF4 and a large number of bookmarks randomly arranged in folders. Can I somehow automatically assign tags to them (for example, those that Xmarks gives out)? In manual it will have to deal with the clock. Thanks Read more

I need a Chrome extension for working with bookmarks

I like the ease of Chrome, but working with bookmarks just makes the brain:  * no easy search  * no sorting  * when adding all levels are revealed  * there is no possibility to transfer (d'n'd) folders when adding. There are extensions in the gallery, but they are more for working with Google bookmarks (for example YAGBE). Vobschem tell me something to make it look like Firefox. Read more

Where does Google store Chrome browser bookmarks?

I know the local location on the computer, they are interested in where they lie on the server. I used to have been in mortgages at Docs, now I can not find. And one more problem: bookmarks on different computers stopped synchronizing, what to do, except for how to transfer the Bookmarks file? It would be desirable that she from the most pleasant chrome buns worked. Read more

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