Browser crashes

Hello, Harbovchane. Recently, my browser began to fail somewhat: some pages are not opened the first time (the service page “Cannot display the page” appears, it is treated with refreshing (sometimes it helps immediately, sometimes 1-8 times)), it does not always load all the pictures from the site. Twitter example: The problem is clearly not in the provider (since the Internet is stable, it works fine: it was checked on another computer), not in the browser (since I tried both chrome, ... Read more

How to install a java-plugin for Google Chrome under Ubuntu - the test page is pleased with the proud "Missing Plug-in". JRE is installed, the Internet is googled on "chrome plugin java". Read more

Extra comma in JS

There was a dispute over an error that occurs in IE, if there is an extra comma in the code. The situation is simple:  items: [ {xtype: 'textfield', cls: 'fake-field', value: 'Manager Login'}, new Ext.form.TextField(Ext.applyIf({fieldLabel: 'Username', name: 'login', allowBlank:false}, fieldConfig)), this.passwordField, this.passwordConfirmField, new Ext.form.Hidden({name: 'companyId'}), ] If the last comma is not removed - IE does not work the script. All other browsers will work w... Read more

How do you fight the zoo version of Opera?

All developers do not like IE6 and for a number of reasons. But at least all of his glitches are already 100,500 times described on the network. Yes, and software for testing the type of IE Testers for different versions of the donkey made by craftsmen. But what to do with Opera ... On one project from Belarus, I now have 41.2% of visitors using the Opera browser. Maybe someone would be happy that the share of IE in the sum of all versions is only 38%, but practice shows that Opera lacks ... Read more

Where does Chrome store synced extensions?

Apparently, one of the extensions I have installed drops Chrome when I try to open a new window or open a new window in incognito mode. When you try to remove it from Chromium, Chromium also falls, and it is not removed. In Google documents I found only synchronized bookmarks, but not extensions. Where are they stored and can they be removed manually? Read more

Can ActiveX work under Linux?

There is a piece of iron - a DVR, its web interface uses ActiveX and naturally works only under IE. Is there any way to make ActiveX work under any other Linux browser? VirtualBox, Wine, remote desktop connection does not fit unfortunately ... Read more

WebBrowser Control and IFRAME

This question arose when using 1C, but a person unfamiliar with this platform can help me. There is some page that contains an IFRAME, this page is loaded into the 1C: Platform via WebBrowser Control. Upon further work directly with the document loaded in the IFRAME, an error occurs: "Access is denied". This problem is very similar to “Cross domain scripting”, but both the file in WebBrowser and IFRAME are on the same domain and use the same protocol. Personally, it seems to me that this... Read more

Address bar in Opera

And in Opera there is a possibility that when you double-click in the address bar, you select a single word or number? Maybe there is a parameter? And then recently tried to do it, sat in a stupor for a couple of minutes - feeling like in the Stone Age. Read more

Relative positioning with jQuery

Help position the elements relative to each other taking into account scrolling in different browsers. Made an extra block when hovering the mouse. Here is a piece of code responsible for calculating the position of the new block on the page:  ... var mytop = image.offset().top - (container.height() /2) + image.height()/2 + $(document).scrollTop(); var myleft = image.offset().left - (container.width() /2 ) + image.width()/2 + $(document).scrollLeft(); if($.browser.msie){ mytop =... Read more

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